Ratio and Proportion CAT Questions

By Shubhra Anand Jain|Updated : May 12th, 2022

Ratio and Proportion CAT questions are part of the Quantitative Aptitude section of the CAT exam. It is one of the easiest topics as most of the aspirants have some prior knowledge about it from the Class 10 syllabus. Additionally, Ratio and proportion are pillar concepts for statistical and advanced mathematical topics, including age-related problems and data interpretation.

CAT Questions on Ratio and Proportion are mainly based on fractions. The aspirants can expect 2-3 questions from this chapter, so a basic understanding and conceptual clarity are important to solve the Ratio and Proportion CAT questions efficiently. Check all the important details about Ratio and Proportion CAT Questions, concepts, important formulas, how to solve, and more. 

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What are Ratio and Proportion CAT Questions?

To understand the ratio and proportion questions for the CAT exam, it is important to understand What is Ratio? And Is Ratio and Proportion the Same? 

As per the mathematical concepts, ratio defines the correlation between two quantities, like A: B, in which B≠0. For example, the ratio of 3:6 is equal to 1:2. However, the statement is known as Proportion, and it is seen to be in direct Proportion. 

Note the below example for conceptual clarity on what is ratio.

For example, 4/5 is a ratio and the proportion statement is 20/25 =4/5. If we find the proportional statement, we get the below things:

20/25 = 4/5

Therefore: 20 x 5 = 25 x 4, i.e., 100 = 100

In comparison, Proportion states the equality of 2 fractions in ratio.

 It means that the Proportion is an equation that defines whether the two given ratios are equal or not. For example, the time taken by train to cover 100km per hour is equal to the time taken by it to cover the distance of 200km for 2 hours. Such as 100km/hr = 200km/2hrs.

So, the basic thing is that Ratio and Proportion are the two faces of a coin. If the value of the two ratios is the same, then it will be sailed to be in Proportion. 

Ratio and Proportion CAT Questions - Important Formula

Ratio and Proportion are two mathematical entities that assist in the comparison of numbers. Both are interrelated, and you must have conceptual clarity for the important formulas to solve Ratio and Proportion CAT Questions accurately. 

Note the below sections to get an idea about the ratio and proportion formulas for the CAT Exam.

Ratio Formula

Assume that you have two numbers, and you have to find the ratio of these two numbers. Then, as the definition of ratio, it will be A: B=A/B (Here, A and B are two numbers, and B is not equal to 0).

“A” is the first Term or antecedent, and “B” is called the second Term or consequent.

For example, the ratio 2:3 is represented as ⅔ (where 2 is antecedent and 3 is consequent)

Proportion Formula

Assume that there are two ratios, A: B and C: D. Here, “B” and “C” are known as mean Terms, while “A” and “D” are called extreme terms.

For example: Let us consider one more example of several students in a classroom. Our first ratio of the number of girls to boys is 4:7, and that of the other is 3:5, then the Proportion can be written as:

4:7 :: 3:5 or 4/7 = 3/5

Here, 4 & 5 are the extremes, while 7 & 3 are the means.

Check the detailed CAT Syllabus for a better understanding

How to Solve Ratio and Proportion Questions for CAT

The CAT questions on Ratio and Proportion can be solved easily and quickly by using some simple tricks and tips. In the following, our experts have listed shortcut tricks to solve Ratio and Proportion questions accurately.

  • If A: B and C : D, then it can be solved as (A*C)/(B*D).
  • If A/B=C/D=E/F, then each of these ratios is equal to (A+C+E) ⁄(B+D+F)
  • If P/Q=S/T, then Q/P=T/S (Invertenao)
  • If A/B=C/D, then A/C=B/D (Alterenao)
  • If A/B=C/D, then (A+B)/B=(C+D)/D (Componendo)
  • If P/Q=S/T, then (P-Q)/Q=(S-T)/T (Dividenao)
  • If C/D=A/B, then (C+D)/(C-D)=(A+B)/(A-B) (Componendo and Dividendo)

Sample Ratio and Proportion CAT Questions

Check the below questions to understand the difficulty level CAT questions on Ratio and Proportion.

Example 1: The average marks of Ravi in 10 papers are 80. If the lowest and highest scores in the exam are not considered, then the average is 81. If the highest score is 92, what is Ravi's lowest score?

  1. 60
  2. 55
  3. 62
  4. Cannot be determined

Answer: Correct answer is 60


Total marks=80x10=800

Total marks without lowest and highest marks=81x8=648

So, the summation between lowest and highest marks= 800-648=152

Now the highest mark is 92, so, the lowest marks will be: 152-92= 60

Example 2: One bacterium split into eight bacteria of the next generation. But due to environmental condition, only 50% survives, and the remaining 50% dies after producing the next generation. If the 7th generation number is 4096 million, then find the number for the first generation.

  1. 2 million
  2. 4 million
  3. 1 million
  4. 8 million

Answer: The correct answer is 1 million


Suppose the initial number of bacteria= x

So, in the 2nd generation, the number of bacteria=8x/2=4x

In the 3rd generation the number of bacteria= 16x

4th generation=64x

5th generation=256x

6th generation=1024x

7th generation=4096x

Hence, the value of x=1 million

You must be well-versed with all the basic concepts of Ratio and Proportion to solve its related questions accurately. Note the important formulas and practice previous year’s CAT questions daily to check your understanding level for CAT questions on Ratio and Proportion. The aspirants can also attend BYJU’S Exam Prep online classes to clear their doubts on Ratio and Proportion.

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FAQ's on Ratio and Proportion Questions for CAT

  • The aspirants can expect 2-3 Ratio and Proportion CAT questions. As per CAT Exam Analysis, there was 1 question from Ratio and Proportions in slot 1 and slot 2; however, 2 questions in slot 3 in last year’s exam.

  • The aspirants can find Ratio and Proportion CAT questions in the Quants section. Practising and revising is the main key to grip on these questions. Note the important formulas and revise them in your free time. Do attempt BYJU’S Exam Prep CAT mock test to analyse your preparation level.

  • Ratio and proportion are the two mathematical components that help to compare two numbers. As per the concept of ratio and proportion in CAT questions, the basic formula is fraction-based. For example, 2:5:: 4:7 can be written as 2/5=4/7.

  • As per exam analysis, the aspirants can expect an easy to moderate difficulty level for CAT questions on ratio and proportion. So, you must be aware of the basic concepts that you have been studied in the 10th standard. 

  • No, Ratio and Proportion are entirely different concepts, or you may say that these two are two faces of a coin. The ratio states the comparison of two values, while proportion defines the equality of these two values.

  • The ratio and proportion are the two fundamental pillars for other mathematical concepts, including statistics and data sufficiency. Ratio and proportion have daily life applications, such as when we are comparing weights, distance, heights, and time; we always try to find the ratio of two numbers. 

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