MH SET Syllabus 2021 for Paper 1 and Paper 2, Download PDF

MH SET Syllabus 2021 for Paper 1 and Paper 2, Download PDF

ByNikhil Verma  |  Updated on: May 27, 2021
MH SET 2021 was conduted on 26 September 2021. For more details about the MH SET 2021 exam, you can check the Maharashtra SET exam answer key 2021, dates, result and more. 
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Complete MH SET Syllabus 2021

To crack the exam with impressive marks, you first have to know the MHSET Syllabus 2021. You can now also opt for the option of MHSET Syllabus 2021 PDF download using the direct link mentioned below to get full details of the same. To give you an overview of the MHSET Syllabus 2021 below all necessary information has been presented.

MH SET is the most popular Maharashtra state-based exam. Basically, it is conducted under the UGC under the Government of Maharashtra. If you are interested in getting appointed to the post of Assistant Professor in any university of Goa and Maharashtra, then you must fill up the necessary form and sit for the examinations.

Below you will find all details of the MHSET Subject-wise Syllabus, MHSET Paper 1 Syllabus and MHSET Paper 2 Syllabus. In total, there are three papers that you need to qualify to pass the MHSET Exam 2021. There are 32 subjects on which the exam is conducted every year.

Also, check the MH SET Exam Pattern 2021

MH SET Paper 1 Syllabus

Paper 1 consists of very generalised questions on the following topics. MHSET Subject-Wise Syllabus is given below.

Download MH SET Syllabus 2021 for Paper 1

MH SET Teaching Aptitude Syllabus

  • Nature, objectives, characteristics and basic requirements for teaching
  • Characteristics of Learners
  • Factors which affect teaching
  • Methods of teaching
  • Evolution of teaching systems
  • Teaching aids

MH SET Research Aptitude Syllabus

  • Meanings, Types and Characteristics of Research
  • Methods of Research
  • Steps for Researching
  • Research Ethics
  • Characteristics and Format for Thesis writing
  • Paper, workshop, seminar, conference, article and symposium

MH SET Communication Syllabus

  1. Nature of Communication
  2. Characteristics of Communication
  3. Effective Communication in the Classroom
  4. Types of Communication
  5. Barriers to Effective Communication

MH SET Comprehension Syllabus

  1. Reading comprehension does not have any specific topic. You can practice comprehension by reading different articles, magazines, newspapers, story-books, etc. to enhance the knowledge and efficiency in the language.

MH SET Mathematical Reasoning and Aptitude Syllabus

  1. Series
  2. Statistics
  3. Codes
  4. Relationship Theory
  5. Letter Series
  6. Classification Theory

MH SET Data Interpretation Syllabus

  1. Qualitative and Quantitative data
  2. Acquisition, sources and interpretation of data
  3. Mapping and graphical representation of data

MH SET Higher Education System Syllabus

  1. Value Education
  2. Higher Education System and Research in India: Structure of Institution
  3. General Education
  4. Concepts, Institutes and Interaction
  5. Polity, Governance and Administration
  6. Formal and Distance Education

MH SET Logical Reasoning Syllabus

  1. Verbal Analogies
  2. Argument and its Characteristics
  3. Verbal Classification
  4. Venn Diagram
  5. Deductive Reasoning and Inductive Reasoning: Evaluation and Distinguishing
  6. Reasoning Logical Diagrams: Simple and multi-diagrammatic relationship

MH SET Information and Communication Technology Syllabus

  • Meaning, Advantages, Disadvantages and uses of ICT
  • General Abbreviations and Terminologies related to ICT
  • E-mailing
  • Basic IT Concepts

MH SET People, Development and Environment Syllabus

  • Interaction of People and Environment
  • Natural Hazards and their Mitigation
  • Effects of Pollutants on the life of humans, and exploitation of energy and natural resources
  • Sources of Pollution

MH SET Paper 2 Syllabus

  • Paper 2 of the MHSET 2021 exam will be based on the subject selected by the candidate. The candidate can choose any one of the 32 subjects.
  • This paper will comprise 100 questions of 2 marks each. All questions will be compulsory. The paper would cover the entire syllabus (including all electives, without any options). The syllabus of all the MHSET subjects can be downloaded from the official MHSET website.

We have shared the detailed syllabus of the MHSET Paper-II exam for some of the subjects below. The subjects with their respective codes and syllabus link are provided below:

Note: Subjects are 32, but the codes are not in a continuous sequence. Check your subject codes and syllabus below.

Subject CodeSubject NameDownload
15Political ScienceDownload
16Defence & Strategic StudiesDownload
17Home ScienceDownload
18Library & Information ScienceDownload
19Journalism & Mass CommunicationDownload
20Social WorkDownload
21Public AdministrationDownload
30Mathematical SciencesDownload
31Environmental SciencesDownload
32Physical ScienceDownload
33Chemical SciencesDownload
34Life SciencesDownload
35Earth, Atmospheric, Ocean & Planetary ScienceDownload
37Computer Science & ApplicationDownload
38Electronics ScienceDownload
39Forensic ScienceDownload
71Physical EducationDownload

MH SET Syllabus FAQs

  • The MH SET language papers only include Hindi, Sanskrit, Marathi, and English.

  • MH SET Paper 1 consists of a lot of sections. Out of them, the section of the higher education system wants to test the capability of the applicant concerning the different characteristics of the higher education system, its importance and the latest developments. This way, authorities can assess whether the candidate is fit for the higher education environment.

  • In English (MH SET Exam), the candidate has to cover the following chapters;-

    • Chaucer to Shakespeare
    • Augustan age: 18th Century Literature
    • Jacobean to restoration periods
    • Romantic period
    • Victorian period
    • Modern period
    • Contemporary period
    • American and other non-British literature
    • Literary theory and criticism
    • British Literature from Chaucer to present
    • Rhetoric and Prosody
    • Criticism and Literary theory
    • Units I-X
    • Elective I-V
  • The section of logical reasoning in MH SET Paper 1 deals with brain-teasing and logical interpretation of the problems. It aims at evaluating the capacity of the candidates to think logically and solve problems.

  • Research Aptitude in MH SET Exam will enable the applicants to research different domains. They will learn about the utilities of research and the correct procedure to complete the same.


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