How to Prepare for TISSNET Interview? Easy Tips

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

TISS Interview is known as TISS-OPI (Online Personal Interview). It is the last stage of the TISSNET Selection Process. The candidates who clear TISSNET Cut Off are called for the Interview. Earlier, the interview stage was held at the respective campus, but from the year 2020, the Interview stage is occurring online. So, the candidates must start TISSNET Interview Preparation in advance. 

Each programme OPI is carried out independently. Firstly, they have to qualify for TISSNET Exam. Then they will be called for TISS Online Personal Interview (TISS-OPI). Though the path to TISS is a difficult one, the students can walk through their perseverance and determination to prepare for the TISS Interview Questions.

TISSNET Interview Weightage

TISS Online Assessments (OA) stage II will be conducted by TISS after the declaration of the result. The candidates who will clear TISSNET Cut Off can attend the interview round to be selected for final admission. So, check the below table to know the weightage while TISS Interview Preparation. 



Maximum Mark

The Weightage (%)

Stage 1: TISSNET Exam

Center-based objective-type test



Stage 2: Online Assessments (OA)

1. Extempore reflection on a given topic



2. Online Personal Interview((OPI)



How to Do TISSNET Interview Preparation?

The candidates preparing for the upcoming exam must start TISS Interview Preparation while completing the syllabus. It is important to start preparing for the TISS Interview Questions to become comfortable facing the situation. Here, our experts have listed some ways to prepare for the TISS-OPI Round.


B-schools look for candidates with good communication skills during the selection process in the PI round. So, it’s very important to have good communication skills for clearing the PI round. The majority of the candidates believe that communication skills are important to be selected for final admission or college placements. So the candidates must learn how to answer TISS Interview Questions fluently and confidently. Stay updated with the TISSNET Registration dates.

To evaluate the basic communication skills of the candidates, the interviewer generally asks some open-minded questions. So that you can feel free to tell about yourselves, your likings and dislikings, what you want to be, your hobbies, etc. Note that some interviewers also judge the communication qualities like eye contact and body posture, including unfolded arms and forward leading seating position. So, check all this while doing TISSNET Interview Preparation. Know the TISSNET Selection Process in detail.

Positive Attitude

The candidates must work on their attitude while doing TISS Interview Preparation. It is very important to maintain a positive attitude in the entire interview session, whatever the situation is. The interviewer does see the candidate’s personality and attitude so as to gauge his level of confidence. For online PI, it is necessary that the candidates should be enthusiastic about the course. They must reply to all the answers with a positive attitude and confidently. Get the list of TISSNET Colleges.

When you go with a positive mindset, it reflects in your personality. If the interviewer asks you: How does this course fit into your career plan? Then, you should respond in a way that reveals your perspective of seeing the course as a stepping stone for your success or a meaningful career. 

Quick Tips to Ace TISSNET Interview Questions

Apart from the above-mentioned approach; the candidates must be focused on the below tips to ace TISSNET Interview Round. Note the points below and do your best TISSNET Interview Preparation.

  • To be selected for the TISS-OPI Round, you need to brush up on your knowledge about current events, especially if they concern your field. 
  • If you do not know the answer to the question, you can politely let them know that you are unaware of it. Go through the TISSNET Syllabus and be prepared accordingly.
  • If you are asked about an argumentative topic or issue in the country, you must keep a very informative and well-balanced view. Do not give a biased answer. 
  • The TISS Interview is focused on current news and issues. They want to check if you are aware of your field and if you are fit for the course. 
  • The panel likes to check how aware you are. So, questions like the policies or budget can be asked.
  • Questions pertaining to the various social, and cultural aspects of the candidate’s background, home state, etc., can be asked. So prepared for all these while doing TISS Interview Preparation.
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