How to Prepare for CAT in 1 Month? Phase-Wise Expert’s Tips and Strategy

By BYJU'S Exam Prep

Updated on: September 13th, 2023

CAT Preparation in 1 Month must be completely strategic and syllabus oriented as 1 month is very less time to complete the entire syllabus. How to Prepare for CAT in 1 Month is a very common question for every aspirant who is thinking of appearing for CAT with only 1 month of preparation. CAT 2022 admit card is available to download now, and the exam is scheduled to be held on 27th November 2022 in three slots. CAT 2022 will be conducted by IIM Bangalore.

CAT is a national-level entrance exam for admission into the top-most IIMs. It has three sections, including VARC, DILR, and QA. In this article, BYJU’S Exam Prep experts have made a detailed analysis of How to Prepare for CAT in 1 month to help you in your preparation.

How to Prepare for CAT in 1 Month?

You may know that CAT is a national-level MBA Entrance Exam that helps candidates get admission to the top B-schools in India. The syllabus of CAT is not also specifically defined by the exam authority. So, if you are thinking of making CAT Preparation in 1 month, then it is important to study in an exam-centric way. Additionally, you must make a phase-wise time schedule with 6-7 hours of study schedules every day. Note that you are giving adequate and equal time to every section of the CAT Syllabus.

In the section below, we have shared a phase-wise action plan for CAT Preparation in 1 month.

CAT Preparation in 1 Month: 30 Days Time Table

The candidates who are thinking of How to Prepare for CAT 1 Month must divide the 30 days into four weeks. Note the table below to get an overview of four weeks study schedule to complete the important topics of this exam.

☛ Also, Check CAT Exam Pattern

First Week (Day 1-7)

Second Week (Day 8-14)

Third Week (Day 15-21)

Fourth Week (Day 22-30)

In this phase, you need to segregate all the important topics into 3 categories: Most important, tough, and selective.

Always focus on the most important topic first.

Clear your basics if you have a CAT preparation plan in 1 month.

After you have covered the important topics, start answering the review questions.

Give first priority to the easy and solvable questions.

Attend sectional mock schedules and try to find the areas in which you are more incompetent.

Keep on practicing and revising.

Practice CAT Question Paper sets every day.

Make flashcards and notes for quick revisions of the topics you have studied already.

Focus on the topics you are weak, but do not neglect the chapters you are strong enough.

Remember to have a “ wide-to-narrow” approach, as the syllabus is huge.

Take fill-length CAT Mock Tests at least 2-3 times in a week.

Analyze your performance after every mock test to that you can not repeat the same mistakes again.

Make a sheet of all the important formulas you have learned.

Consult BYJU’S Exam Prep faculties to clear your doubts, or you can attend various doubt-clearing sessions.

Do not forget to do revision, and try to utilize your free time for this.

In the last week, the candidates must not start anything new.

Revise all the learnt chapters at least 3 times to get a strong grip on it.

Take proper sleep before the exam day, eat a healthy diet, and meditate to stay relaxed and stress-free.

How to Prepare for CAT in 1 Month: Action Plan

The candidates who have a plan of CAT Preparation in 1 month or doing the last month’s preparation must be reaffirmed and have a calm mindset. A rigorous preparation will not always help you, but a strategic action will be beneficial and help to get a good CAT Score. In the following, we have mentioned some important and must-do action plan to prepare for CAT in 1 month.

  • Keep all the distractions away if you are preparing for CAT in 1 month.
  • Ensure that your CAT Registration is done, and after downloading the CAT Admit Card, check every detail mentioned on it to avoid miscommunication.
  • Revision is very important; solve the sample paper and mock paper as much as possible.
  • Take each section and write all the important pointers. It includes identities, formulas, weightage, and context of the questions.
  • Take care of yourself. You do not want to mess up your entire hard work by getting stressed at the last moment. Take breaks, spend time with family and get enough sleep.
  • Most importantly, stay focused on your targets.

Expert’s Tips to Prepare for CAT in 1 Month

Below are some expert tips that will help you to prepare for CAT in 1 month.

  • Solve Question Papers: It is extremely important to solve question papers as many as you can. It will help you to understand the types and context of the questions asked in the CAT Exam. Solve the questions after completing each chapter to get chapter-wise conceptual clarity. Also, check CAT Cut Off.
  • Attempt Mock Tests Daily: Try to attempt BYJU’S Exam Prep mock tests regularly. All these tests are as per the latest exam pattern so that you can make your preparation in the best way.
  • Join CAT Online Coaching: It will help to prepare for CAT in 1 month strategically. Our faculties are always available to give the students instant support for their queries. Additionally, these classes are easily accessible and have flexible schedules. So that you can watch these videos anytime and anywhere at your convenience.
  • Do Revisions: Utilize your free time in doing the revisions of the chapters you have already prepared during CAT Preparation. It will help you to remember the facts, topics and important formulas. Apart from this, the daily revision will also help you to build confidence to solve the questions accurately.
  • Maintain Journals: Always maintain a diary to make notes of all the important topics. It will help you to make quick revisions before the exam date.
  • Read Newspapers Daily: It is important to follow newspapers daily. It will help you to learn new words, which will help you grasp the Reading Comprehension for CAT well.
  • Stay Calm and Relaxed: When preparing for CAT in 1 month, it is important to stay calm and stress-free. Do meditation and take a healthy diet to stay well and fit. Spend time with your family members. Candidates are suggested to take 7 hours of sleep to relax their minds. Any kind of physical or psychological imbalance can lead to stressful circumstances on exam day.


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