How to Crack TITA Questions in CAT 2023?

By BYJU'S Exam Prep

Updated on: November 9th, 2023

TITA Questions in CAT are the Non-MCQ questions, in which the candidates have to write small answers for the questions given. The inclusion of CAT TITA Questions helps the candidates to score well in the exam, as there is no negative marking in this section. So, the candidates who are appearing in the upcoming exam must prepare TITA Questions in CAT 2022 very well to score a good percentile.

The CAT TITA Questions are those that don’t give you four options and instead ask you to solve the questions and input the answers in the available text box. In this article, BYJU’S Exam Prep experts have mentioned all the details related to Non MCQ Questions in CAT 2022.

What are TITA Questions in CAT?

The non-MCQ question is generally called CAT TITA Questions, which means ‘Type in the Answer’. In this type of question, the candidate has to type in their answer using an on-screen keyboard in the CAT Exam. The most important thing is that there are no CAT Negative Marking in TITA questions. With no options to choose from, TITA Questions in CAT tend to be a little more time-consuming than MCQ-type questions. IIM Ahmedabad chose to introduce CAT Non MCQ Questions in 2015.

The problem with the TITA Questions in CAT is that it can end up costing the candidates a lot of time because of its poor accuracy and absence of options to aid in guesswork. You need to be careful not to spend too much time on the CAT TITA Questions, leaving you with little time to answer the remaining questions on the test in an attempt to score a clean 45–60 without worrying about negative marking.

Number of CAT Non MCQ Questions

Candidates must go through the number of TITA Questions in CAT asked in the previous exam to have a better understanding. Note the below table to get an overview of the CAT TITA Questions.

Details Total Number of Questions Non-MCQs (TITA)
VARC 24 5
DILR 20 5
QA 22 8
Total 66 18

Note: The number of TITA Questions in CAT may vary yearly. The above table highlights the number of CAT Non MCQ Questions asked in the previous year’s CAT Question Paper.

Approaches for TITA Questions in CAT 2022

To answer the CAT TITA questions, the aspirants must follow some strategies. Note the below table to get an idea of the section-wise preparation strategy for Non-MCQ or the TITA Questions in CAT.

Topic Approaches to Solve
VARC Time management

Critical thinking

Do not get confused

DILR Draw the diagram as per the questions

Take the help of a virtual calculator

QA Attempt only if you fully understand the concepts

Read the questions first for conceptual clarity

Expert Tips to Solve CAT TITA Questions

Below are some expert tips that you can follow to attempt TITA Questions in CAT.

Do Practice Regularly

TITA Questions in CAT can take a lot of time if not practised well. So, the aspirants must be well-versed with the CAT Syllabus and essential formulas with regular practice. If you practice chapter-wise regularly, you will become more confident with the topics. Conceptual clarity is required to answer non-MCQ questions in CAT.

Avoid Guessing

The aspirants will get answer choices in MCQs to resolve the question in a reverse way. But, in the TITA Questions in CAT, they have to solve the answer independently. So, they should attempt those questions that they are fully confident to solve.

If you find the questions difficult to solve or you are unsure about the answer, then it is better to skip the questions; however, TITA Questions in CAT do not carry any negative marking.

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Solve Previous Year Questions

The aspirants must solve previous years’ questions as much as possible. It will help them to become confident with their preparation. They will also be habituated with the question types generally asked in the TITA Questions in CAT.

Besides, solving previous years’ questions will help you analyse your preparation strategy. It will help you to assess your mistakes easily; therefore, you will understand your weakness that is needed to be improved.

Give Mock Test

The aspirants must regularly give CAT Mock Tests to understand the pattern of TITA Questions in CAT. They can attempt BYJU’S Exam Prep online mock test series to analyze their preparation.

Besides, your knowledge will be boosted, which is necessary to perform better in the exam. An exam-like experience will assist you in reducing your nervousness, and you can accurately answer the CAT TITA Questions.

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