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Multiple Choice Questions On Inheritance Biology

Question 1. 

About 1 % of individuals in a population suffer from a genetic disorder. The cause was traced to such individuals being homozygous recessive for a single locus with two alleles. The elder of the two children of a family (where both the parents are normal suffers from the disorder, while the younger one is normal.

What is the probability that the third child of the family will be a normal daughter?

  1. 13.5%
  2. 12.5%
  3. 17.5%
  4. 16.5%

Question 2.

The fungus Melampsoralini causes a disease known as flax rust. Different strains of M. lini cause varying degrees of rust disease. Conversely, different strains of flax are resistant or sensitive to the various varieties of rust. The Bombay variety of flax is resistant to M. lini-strain 22 but sensitive to M. lini-strain 24. A strain of flax called 770B is just the opposite; it is resistant to strain 24 but sensitive to strain 22. When 770B was crossed to Bombay, all the F1 individuals were resistant to both strain 22 and strain 24. When F1 individuals were self-fertilized, the following data were obtained:

• 43 resistant to strain 22 but sensitive to strain 24

• 9 sensitive to strain 22 and strain 24

• 32 sensitive to strain 22 but resistant to strain 24

• 110 resistant to strain 22 and strain 24

What is the inheritance pattern for flax resistance and sensitivity to M. line strains?

  1. Mendelian inheritance with two genes having dominant recessiveness
  2. Mendelian inheritance with two genes having co-dominance
  3. Simple cytoplasmic inheritance
  4. Polygenic inheritance with 3 genes showing an additive effect

Question 3.

Consider the following statements:

A) In tropical areas, the quantum yields of C3 plants are generally higher than those of C4 plants.

B) Leaves growing in cold climates can maintain higher photosynthetic rates at low temperatures than leaves growing in warmer climates. Leaves grown at high temperatures perform better at high temperatures than leaves grown at low temperatures do.

C) At high photon flux, photosynthesis in most plants is CO2 limited, but the limitation is substantially lower in C3 and CAM plants because of their CO2-concentrating mechanisms.

Which of the following statements are true?

  1. A and C
  2. B Only
  3. B and C
  4. A and B

Question 4.

A male fruit fly (Drosophila melanogaster) with red eyes and long wings was mated with a female with purple eyes and vestigial wings. All of the offspring in the F1 generation had red eyes and long wings. These F1 flies were test crossed with purple-eyed, vestigial-winged flies. Their offspring, the F2 generation, appeared as indicated below.
If in the F1 and F2 generations the same characteristics appeared in both males and females, it would be safe to assume that these traits for eye colour and wing length

  1. are sex-linked
  2. vary in dominance according to sex
  3. are sex-influenced characteristics
  4. follow the Mendelian rule of independent assortment

Question 5.

The diagram above shows a pedigree of a family for a particular trait. Based on the pedigree, the trait is best characterized as


  1. sex-linked dominant
  2. autosomal dominant
  3. sex-linked recessive
  4. autosomal recessive

Question 6.

The figure below represents normal sex determination, differentiation, and development in humans.


Identify A, B, C, and D

  1. A = WT1 (Wilm’s Tumor 1), B MIS (Mullerian Inhibitory Substance), C = SRY, D = Testosterone
  2. A = GnRH, B FSH, C Testosterone, D = 5α Reductase
  3. A = SRY, B = MIS, C = Testosterone, D = DHT (Dihydrotestosterone)
  4. A = WT1, B = LH, C = ABP (Androgen Binding Protein), D = Inhibin

Question 7.

A virgin Drosophila female was crossed with a wild type male. The F1 progeny obtained had four types of males as shown below.


Assuming that white eye and crossveinless mutations are X-linked and recessive the following statements were made:

1) F1 females were also of four types as that of males.

2) The white-eyed crossveinless male flies appeared due to independent assortment.

3) The map distance between the genes for white eye and crossveinless ¡s estimated to be 12cM.

4) The map distance between the white eye and crossveinless is estimated to be 6 cM.

5) All F1 females are expected to be wild type.

6) The F1 wild type males appeared due to crossing over.

The combination with correct statements is

  1. 3,5,6
  2. 1,2,4
  3. 1,4,7
  4. 2,4,5

Question 8.

Interacting genes which are involved in producing a continuous variation in phenotypes in a population are known as/constitute
  1. codominant genes
  2. pseudogenes
  3. alleles
  4. QTLs

Question 9.

The possible genotypes of endosperms borne on a heterozygous (Rr) plant will be:
  1. RRR, RRr, Rrr, rrr
  2. RRr, Rrr
  3. RR, Rr, rr
  4. Rr

Question 10.

An increase in the inbreeding coefficient, F, is likely to result in:
  1. reduced likelihood of heterozygotes being present in a population
  2. a higher proportion of genes that show linkage
  3. a higher proportion of genes with introns
  4. the lower level of difference between proteins in two daughter cells
Answer Key For Inheritance Biology
Question NumberAnswer Key

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