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By Neeraj Mishra|Updated : October 31st, 2018

The Union Minister of Human Resource Development Prakash Javadekar launched the ‘SPARC’ scheme in October 2018. The objective of the scheme is to boost India specific research in social and pure sciences.

Here ‘SPARC’ stands for - 'Scheme for promotion of Academic and Research Collaboration'.

"SPARC will focus on joint research projects in focus areas, including technology, science, and social sciences, which are of relevance to India.

The aim of the SPARC scheme 

  • SPARC scheme aims at improving the research ecosystem of India’s higher educational institutions by facilitating academic and research collaborations between Indian Institutions and the best institutions in the world.


Key points of the Scheme

1. The SPARC scheme envisages supporting around 600 proposals for over two years.

2. Budget Outlay - Human Resource Development (HRD) Ministry announced a budget of Rs 418 crore from 2018-20 on collaborative research between Indian and foreign institutes.

3. Collaboration with foreign countries: SPARK scheme will facilitate academic and research collaborations between Indian Institutions the best institutions in the world from 28 selected nations.

4. National Coordinating Institute - Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur is the National Coordinating Institute to implement the SPARC programme. 

Eligibility –

  • All Indian Institutions ranked in the overall top-100 or category-wise top-100 in the India Rankings (NIRF) are eligible to apply.
  • Only such private institutions which are falling in the above category, and also recognized under Section 12(8) of the UGC Act are eligible.
  • The partner institution shall be in the top-500 of Q5 World University Rankings or in the top-200 of Q5 World University Rankings by subject.

Expected Outcome:

The SPARC Scheme is expected to have a major impact in the following areas:

  • Providing the best international expertise in solving major national problems.
  • Develop strong Bilateral relationships in academics and research with top countries in the world.
  • Improve International Rankings of Indian Institutions through a combination of internationalization, research outcomes and academic interactions
  • Enable a large number of Indian students to be trained in high-end experimental facilities available in the best laboratories in the world.
  • Create a major International Impact for Catapulting Indian Academics and Research and help make it competitive with the best worldwide

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