ICT: General Abbreviations & Terminology For UGC NET Exam 2022

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UGC NET Exam is conducted twice a year by NTA. There are ten units in Paper-1 and each unit has equal weightage in the examination. Most Important Topics in UGC NET Environment, Logical Reasoning, Teaching Aptitude, Research Aptitude, Communication, ICT, Higher Education.

Commonly Used Computer Terms

As we started the initiative, we will publish all articles mentioned in UGC NET Syllabus point wise in detail with a set of questions. Every topic will be covered in a detailed manner that will give you a detailed insight into the topic. Today's topic: ICT: General abbreviations and terminology for UGC NET Exam (Part - I).



Advanced Configuration and Power Interface
It is an industry determination for the productive treatment of intensity utilization in work area and mobile computers.
2ANSIAmerican National Standards InstituteIt is a powerful industry association of USA, promoting Programming language standards.
3ASCIIAmerican Standard Code for Information InterchangeThis is a seven/eight-bit code widely used in computers for the transfer of data.
4CD-ROMCompact Disk-Read Only MemoryThis is a permanent storage device used to store large quantities of information that need not be changed.


Color Graphics AdapterLow-resolution screen (640 x 200 pixels) with colour capability.


Cascading Style Sheets
CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet. It is a mechanism of adding style to a web document. 
Domain Name System
Domain Name System (DNS) is a hierarchical and decentralized naming system for computers or any other services connected through internet.

Disk Operating System

It is a single-user operating system.

Digital Versatile Disc/Digital Video Disc


Electronic Data Processing


Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory

A type of ROM that can be programmed or reprogrammed usually by exposing a normally covered sector to UV-Light.
12HTMLHyperText Markup LanguageA markup or structuring language used to describe Web and Intranet documents. It is used to define structure, appearance and placement of HTML elements including, fonts, graphics, text, hypertext links to other sites and many more details.

Integrated Development Environment

14LANLocal Area NetworkA system of PCs that are located relatively near to each other and connected by wire so that individual users can cooperatively process information and share resources.

Light Emitting Diode

An electronic device that lights up when electricity is passed through it.

Million Instructions Per Seconds

A unit for measuring the speed of a computer.
Massive Open Online Course
MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course. It is an online course that aims at unlimited participation and access through the internet or the web.

Small Computer System Interface

A standard for connecting a hard drive to a computer.
19TCP/IPTransmission Control Protocol/Internet ProtocolIt is a set of communication protocols that encompass media access, packet transport, session communications, file transfer, e-mail, and terminal emulation. TCP/IP is supported by a large number of H/W and S/W vendors and is available on many computer systems, from PCs to mainframes.
20UPSUninterruptible Power SupplyIt is a power supply that includes a battery to maintain power in the event of a power cut for several minutes to some hours.

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