ICMR JRF 2022: Download the Previous Year Question Papers!!

By Neetesh Tiwari|Updated : May 25th, 2022

ICMR-JRF Previous Year Questions: The candidates looking forward to appearing in the ICMR JRF 2022 Exam must go through the previous year's question paper to acknowledge and analyse the type of questions that they might face in the examination. Going through the ICMR JRF Previous Year Questions will also help them acknowledge the important questions that are been repeated throughout the different years so that they can plan their preparation accordingly.

In this article, we will share important ICMR-JRF previous year's Question Paper and th advantages to solve the previous year's question paper to practice for the exam. Read the full article and download the previous year's questions. 

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ICMR JRF 2022 Previous Year Question Paper: Exam Pattern

The ICMR JRF exam will have a single exam paper consisting of three sections. Section A includes questions relating to general aptitude, general knowledge and natural phenomenon. Section A is mandatory for all applicants. There will be 50 questions in this section. The other two sections (B and C) are subject-specific sections. Section B refers to life sciences, and section C to social sciences. Candidates must choose one of sections B and C. These sections have 100 questions each, and only 75 questions need to be attempted. If the candidates answer the 100 questions, only the first 75 questions will be taken into account for the assessment. The duration of the exam is 2 hours, and a total of 125 questions must be answered.

Download ICMR-JRF Previous Year Question Papers

The ICMR-JRF 2022 exam will be organized for candidates in the life sciences and social sciences who wish to pursue a career in research or pursue a doctoral program with the support of ICMR. There are only 2 days left for the ICMR-JRF exam, and it is our responsibility to guide you on your way until the last moment of the ICMR-JRF 2022 exam, leaving no stone unturned to miss the beat! 

Know the Detailed ICMR JRF Syllabus and Download the PDF Here!

Download the PDF of all the previous year's questions with the answer key mentioned below: 

Check the Best ICMR-JRF Books to ensure that you have completed all the topics in a comprehensive manner. 

Sr. NoICMR-JRF Question PaperDownload Question Paper PDF
 1.ICMR JRF Previous Year Paper PDF 2020To be Updated Soon
 2.ICMR JRF Previous Year Paper PDF 2019

Download Here 

 3.ICMR JRF Previous Year Paper PDF 2018Download Here
 4. ICMR-JRF Previous Year Life Science Question Paper 2019Download Here
5.ICMR-JRF Previous Year Life Science Question Paper 2018Download Here
6. ICMR-JRF Previous Year General Aptitude Question Paper 2019Download Here
7. ICMR-JRF Previous Year General Aptitude Question Paper 2018Download Here

Advantages of Solving the ICMR JRF 2022 Previous Year's Papers

ICMR-JRF Toppers and Experts always suggest solving the questions from the previous year before taking the exam, as this helps increase speed and confidence. For example, before attacking the enemy, if we study their strategies, we can attack better. Likewise, previous years' work helps to understand the strategies of the examiner, and we can prepare our plan accordingly to resolve any issues that we will face during the exam. Here are some of the benefits of solving last year's questions:

  • Students саn сheсk their рreраrаtiоn by sоlving рарers in exаm-like соnditiоns аnd рreраre themselves ассоrding tо it.
  • It will рrоvide yоu with the ICMR-JRF lаst Yeаr Questiоns tо get а сleаr ideа оf the tyрe оf questiоns thаt hаve been аsked in the ICMR-JRF exаm.
  • By sоlving the рreviоus yeаr рарers, саndidаtes саn identify the tорiсs frоm whiсh mоst number questiоns аsked аnd саn fосus оn thоse tорiсs first.
  • It will рrоvide yоu with аn indiсаtiоn оf where yоu stаnd during the рreраrаtiоn.

Candidates can also register online for the ICMR JRF test series and practice regularly. 

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  • You can download it from the ICMR official website or the direct link to download the ICMR JRF question paper pdf is mentioned here.

  • Section A is compulsory for all candidates. There will be 50 questions in this section. Section B and Section C have 100 questions each, and 75 questions need to be attempted only. 1 mark will be given for each correct answer and 0.25 marks will be deducted for every wrong answer

  • Yes, you will get an idea about the difficulty level of the questions and the most asked topics in the examination.

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