IBPS RRB PO 2018 Interview Experience: Kiran Senthilkumar

By Neeraj Mishra|Updated : November 15th, 2018
Dear Aspirants,
Here is the IBPS RRB Officer Scale-I Interview Experience of a BYJU'S Exam Prep user Kiran Senthilkumar. Read his Interview Experience now to know all about the questions asked. 

IBPS RRB 2018 Interview Experience: Kiran Senthilkumar

Hello Everybody,

I am Kiran Senthilkumar, BSc Visual Communication from Tamilnadu and I am going to share my RRB OFFICER SCALE I interview experience.


TIME: 1.00 PM



Mine was a stress interview when I entered the room itself panel members started to say come here, sit, tell me about yourself.

I wished them Good afternoon Mam and Sirs!

M3: Take your seat.

Me: Thank you, Sir.

M2: Tell me about yourself.

Me: Answered.

M3: How will you be useful to the bank?

Me: Sir, Speaking about my strengths I can say that I'm a team player and I have played both the roles of a team leader as well as a team member so I have a knowledge about it and I will be beneficial to the bank in a fruitful way.

M3: So, If you work in a bank there will be a staff who is 10 yrs experienced than you. How will your teamwork be useful there?

Me: I will comply with the directions given by my senior and work accordingly and follow his instructions, sir.

M3: That's a peer group communication how will you be useful to the customers?

Me: We both will work in a way till the schemes launched by the government as well as a bank reaches the last person of the weaker section of the society.

M3: So if you give loans to people willingly then the bank will have more NPA right?

Me: Sir though the schemes are aimed to reach the last person of the weaker section the eligibility should always be checked, sir.

Me: Okay (with a satisfying look) and look other members and asked them do they have any questions.

M2: Why banking after studying Bsc visual communication?

Me: In my core sector nowadays the use of manpower has become very low sir.

  • Previously when there was film roll 2 to 3 persons will be working under a photographer by assisting him in the processing of films but today due to digitization even tougher tasks can be handled by a single person itself so, in that case, reduced manpower has created a decrease in growth opportunity sir.

F1: When you can be No1 in your core field there will be an opportunity right?

Me: Mam actually nowadays even with a mobile phone people are filming a movie so every common man will be having a mobile and he has access to everything so even if I start a business independently people will buy a mobile phone and do everything in a cheaper way mam so there will be lack of professionalism in all my field related works.

F1: Alright! (With a satisfying look and saw other members and asked whether anybody willing to ask questions )

M2: What is a payments bank?

Me: Explained.

M1: What is a small finance bank?

Me: Since the explanation is general for payments and small finance bank said I not sure of small finance bank but I can say some of the names of small finance bank and told examples.

M2: What is health insurance?

Me: To prevent further counter questions I said " Sorry sir I don't know"

M4: What are the investments in agriculture?

Me: buying of machinery and equipment like a tractor, pump sets, investing in manure, pesticides.

M3: What are the losses in agriculture?

Me: Losses can be due to contingency like fire, flood, and overuse of pesticides.

M3: What do you mean by overuse of pesticides?

Me: Sir, doing agriculture in a non-organic way by using poisonous pesticides can also cause loss sir as nobody will buy such products.

M3: OK, you may go now.

Me: Said thanks to everybody and went out.

It happened for 6 to 7 minutes and I felt like it was a bit okay with my performance.

Hope it helps my fellow aspirants.

All the best to all who are yet to appear for the interviews. Be bold. Be yourself!!



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