IBPS RRB PO 2018 Interview Experience: Harish V

By Kanika Ralhan|Updated : November 21st, 2018
Dear Aspirants,
Here is the IBPS RRB Officer Scale-I Interview Experience of a BYJU'S Exam Prep user Harish V. Read his Interview Experience now to know all about the questions asked. 

IBPS RRB 2018 Interview Experience: Harish V

My name is Harish. I belong to Tamil Nadu. My interview was conducted on 19/11/2018 at 1 PM. My panel was V.

This was my first ever interview in life, I was a B.Sc Agriculture graduate. While waiting outside as 5th person to be interviewed in my panel, neighbour panel coordinator questioned them "Any Agriculture graduates here?" I raised my hand, and he replied, "I am asking for this panel" and smiled, after a few minutes he came near me and asked, "are you an Agriculture graduate?" Yes, I replied, "when did u graduate?", 2017 I said, "good, after 1 year itself you are here" he conveyed all with that smile. That itself made me feel that "something fishy going to happen" when they called me, I opened the door.

Me: Excuse me, mam, may I come in?

F1: Yes come in
Me: Good afternoon mam, good afternoon sir, good afternoon one and all

M1: take ur seat
Me: Thank you, sir

M4: Tell me about yourself
Me: I planned to start with location, my family details, and my education background, he said enough.
Since I have started in English, M3 questioned me in English, that was quite unexpected for me, during preparation first I thought to give it in English, then hearing from everyone, they asked us to convey in Tamil, so I went with a pre mindset of talking in Tamil, so I answered in Tamil.

M3: Do you agree that NPA's were high in the agriculture sector?
Me: Even, if some farmers are able to repay, they are waiting for the govt. to discharge their loans, so NPA are rising, but govt. is repaying discharged loans, so NPA in agriculture sector not that much higher I think.

M3: How will you reduce NPA as a branch manager or else as a probationary officer?
Me: As an agriculture graduate I can suggest farmers in farming.

M3: What will you suggest? (Urged me)
Me: I answered with 2 examples.

M4: What is that BT everyone talking about?
Me: I impressed them all by this question I think, Clearly I stated its role, why farmers opposing.

M2: Say about land use pattern.
Me: No idea sir, he tried to get me something out from me, but I said, not even heard about this terminology, no idea sir.

M2: Did you studied agricultural engineering?
Me: yes sir, 2 papers in 2 semesters

M2: What you studied?
Me: About farm machinery and tractors

M2: did they taught water management?
Me: no sir, not in agricultural engineering

M2: how is that possible, asked my consolidated from F1 and cross-checked that, here it is water management in 2nd semester
Me: That was an agronomy paper sir

M2: What is agronomy?
Me: answered

M2: Tell me about water management you studied
Me: I didn't studied well in college days, so couldn't answer this sir.

M2: Say about mulching
Me: Answered

M3: What was your positive for this job?
Me: I had a 45 days village programme, even without water connection I stayed in that rural area, so as I already have rural adaptability, and good rural communication, it will be easy for me to work in RRB.

M2: Don't say 45 days, no water connection and all, we grew up without water connections
Me: with a smile, I said "sir, among candidates, this adaptability and rural communications will be a plus point for me, sir

M3: Drip Irrigation use?
Me: Answered one point, but he expected some another point and later he told me those.

M2: saline soil, alkali soil you know right, and 3 discussions between me and M2, not so good, but average answers from me

M1: a farmer comes for a tractor loan, how will you give?
Me: I will check land ownership document, credit score, kyc

M1: If the cibil score is good, everything fine. Will you give?
Me: I said, something I read in the respective RRB's website regarding tractor loan.

M2: No no, should not
Me: with the smile, sir I viewed this in Pandyan grama bank website only

M2: even it is we, that is not how to give a loan
M1: Customer hiring, otherwise tractor loan won't be paid properly,
Me: yes sir, in the case of farm societies. I will Buy tractors, and give it for rent with individual farmers.
M2: Yes

F1: Say about Landscaping, where it is done?
Me: Countries like Australia, there is a large scope, but I don't know what it is

F1: In Chennai also they are doing in gardens, you have a paper in college, say about it.
Me: I didn't studied well in college days mam, I said before, I don't know mam.

M2: ok Harish good luck
Me: Thank you, sir thank you, mam.

This was all about my interview experience. Thank you guys.

Good luck.


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