IBPS RRB Clerk Prelims Memory Based Questions: 19th September 2020 (All Shifts), Download PDF

By Sheetal Goyal|Updated : September 19th, 2020

IBPS RRB Clerk Prelims Memory Based Questions, 19 September 2020: The first day of IBPS RRB Clerk prelims exam is over now. Now that all the shifts of IBPS RRB Clerk Exam Day 1 are now over all the candidates who have appeared in the exam must be waiting for the IBPS RRB Clerk Prelims Memory Based PDF. Your wait is over as, in this article, we are sharing the IBPS RRB Clerk (Office Assistant) Prelims memory based questions PDF of all the shifts of 19th September. 


In this article, we are giving you PDF of memory-based questions of IBPS RRB Clerk Prelims 2020 Exam. These questions are based on the feedback and questions shared by the aspirants who appeared in the RRB Office Assistant exam held on 19th September.

This memory-based questions PDF will help students who are going to appear in the upcoming RRB Clerk Exams. Download Free Memory-based questions asked in today's exam, all shifts. These will help you prioritize a well-defined strategy for you.

There were some changes in the User Interface of the IBPS RRB Clerk Exam. This time the questions were shown in both English and Hindi or local language at the same time. 

Now, Let's look at the some of the questions asked in the IBPS RRB Clerk Prelims exams:

IBPS RRB Clerk Memory Based Questions (Prelims), 19th September 2020:

Direction (1-5): Study the following data carefully and answer the questions accordingly. Certain number of people are seated in a row facing the north direction. Three people sit between F and A who sits third from the end. B sits second to the right of F. D sits to the immediate right of B . Two people sit between D and C. One person sits between C and G who sits third from the end. C does not sit at the end of the row.

1. How many people sit between F and G?

A. Six B. Five C. Seven D. Nine E. None

Ans. C

2. What is the position of A with respect to B?

A. Sixth to the left B. Third to the right C. Immediate Left D. Fifth to the right E. None of the above

Ans. A

3. Who amongst the following sits seventh to the right of A?

A. C B. B C. D D. G E. None of the above

Ans. C

4. Who amongst the following persons sits exactly between F and C?

A. F B. D C. B D. G E. None of the above

Ans. B

5. Who amongst the following sits fifth from the right end?

A. C B. F C. A D. G E. None of the above

Ans. A

6. How many such pairs of letters are there in the word ‘MATCHES’ each of which has as many letters between them in the word as in the English alphabet (Both forward and backward)?

A. One B. Two C. Three-D. More than three E. None

Ans. D

7. If 12 women complete a work in 64 days, in how many days will 16 women complete twothird of the work?

A. 24 days B. 32 days C. 48 days D. 16 days E. 36 days

Ans. B

8. At present, P is 4 years elder than Q. If after 2 years the ratio of the ages of P and Q will be 5 : 4, then what will be the age of Q after 2 years?

A. 8 years B. 16 years C. 20 years D. 24 years E. 10 years

Ans. B

9. Two people A and B spend 30% of their income if their total expenditure is Rs. 26400 and the income of A is 20% more than B, what is the income of B?

A. Rs. 40000 B. Rs. 36000 C. Rs. 24000 D. Rs. 30000 E. Rs. 48000

Ans. A

10. Two people A and B invest an equal amount in a scheme for t and (t + 4) years respectively. If the ratio of the simple interest earned by A and B is 1 : 2, then what is the value of t?

A. 8 B. 1 C. 2 D. 4 E. 5

Ans. D

Benefits of Attempting Memory Based Paper

  • Memory Based Questions are the actual questions asked in the exam.
  • Memory Based questions give you insight into the level of difficulty of the exam.
  • Using memory-based questions you can analyze your performance in the actual exam.
  • Provides you insights about the current trend of the exam.
  • Keeps you updated for the upcoming exams.

IBPS RRB Clerk Prelims Memory-Based Papers, Download PDF (English)

IBPS RRB Clerk Prelims Memory-Based Papers, Download PDF (Hindi)

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This was all about IBPS RRB Clerk Prelims memory based papers and quiz. We will share detailed section-wise topic distribution for the shifts to be conducted on 20th September 2020. Stay tuned with us.

Do share any questions that you remember !!

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