IBPS PO V: Interview Experience – Tejas Pargi

By Ashish Kumar|Updated : January 22nd, 2016

Dear Aspirants,


Name: Tejas Pargi

Venue: Dena Bank, Ahmedabad
Education: Bachelor of Engineering-Computer.
Reporting time: 1.00 PM
Document verification:-
I entered inside the building at 1 PM and Bio-metric and Document verification completed at 2 PM.
There were total 22 students in my slot and I was 14th on the list.
Interviews were taken by the list which had listed candidates based on Roll No/ Reg. No.
My turn came at 5:30 PM.
There were total 4 members in the panel. 3 Male and 1 Female.
Me: May come in?,Sir
M1: Yes, Tejas. Please come in.
Wished them Good Evening.
M2: Have a seat, Relax.
Me: Thank you sir.
F:   Tell us about your family background.
Me: Told them.Got excited hearing this question as I am form Engineering background. This was an excellent opportunity for me to emphasize that my father is government employeeand my sister is also banker. So I can possibly avoid the question, Why Banking after Engineering.(tell them some how that my family is into government jobs)
M3: Tell me about the Problems faced by the Banks?
Me: told them NPA, Basel norms-Liquidity Crunch. (I could think only these two at the time of interview.)
M1: Good, Everyone is saying NPA but no one told Basel norms. He looked little impressed.
Now, He asked further.
M1: what are the basel norms?
Me: I didn’t know properly so I explained them general terms that Basel committee based in basel made these rules to strengthen the financial conditions of the banks. To avoid thefinancial crisis like 2008.
M1 explained the basel norms properly in detail.
M2: Is India a member country of Bank for International settlement?
Me: yes, Sir India is a member of BIS.
M2: Tejas, What is your hobby?
Me: I like to surf internet sir.
M2: Any specific Site.
Me: told them.
M2: How can you use that platform the promote your bank.
Me: Site does not allow that but I can use the site for educate people about financial planning and schemes of the banks.
M2: Tejas, Do you really want to join Banking?
Me: Yes, Sir. Definitely I want to join the Banking. Answered with the all the Energy I had-300 style enthusiasm. Surprised no counter questioning.
M1: Will you go if you are posted in Agartala?
Me: Yes, Sir definitely.
M1: What if you are posted in Karanchi?
Me: Yes, Sir. I will also go there. Now this time I have convinced them that even if they will say moon I will answer Yes. In fact I wish to go there. M1 was surprised. I think some of the negative things we know about Pakistan are just media hype.
They started discussing about Pakistan(Culture, language) among them. 
M1: Do you have visited RBI or any other Bank’s websites?
Me: Yes, Sir. I have visited RBI’s and BOB’s website.
M1: What’s the latest circular on RBI’s website?
Me: Sorry Sir, I don’t know.
F: Who is the deputy governor of RBI.
Me: there are 4 deputy governor of RBI. told their names.
F: Okey, tejas I open a bank and have deposits worth 200 crore, can I lend 175 crore to a customer?
Me: Ma’m, RBI has guidelines about money a bank can lead. There is CRR, SLR and there must be some RBI Guidelines that limits credit you can give to a customer. I didn’t know the exact answer. So I went with vague answer. I think I should have told that You can lend that much part of money to a single customer.
F: is there any provisions for poor?
Me: Yes, There is priority sector lending.
F: What are the sectors in Priority Sector Landing.
Me: Told them.
M1: Why BOB is your first preference.
Me: Top bank with Head quarter in Gujarat. I think they expecting more solid reason.
M1: Ok, Tejas. Wish you all the best.
Me: Thanked them all.
It lasted 8-10 minutes. It was completely in Gujarati. No Computer related questions were asked. My observation- If your interview is among the the last you have to surprise them, impress them with your answers they get bored/de-energized by that time. They think about winding up fast and you get average score.
Overall, I liked my effort. I could answer what I knew. I was Completely stress free during interview. Best It could. Satisfied.
Now, waiting for 1st April.

I would like to thank Grade stack team so much, without which I don’t know how I would have performed. The interview sessions helped me a lot.

All the best Friends for your interview!


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