IBPS PO V: Interview Experience – Siddhant Srivastava

By Neeraj Mishra|Updated : January 28th, 2016

Dear Aspirants,

Here is the Interview experience of Siddhant Srivastava from Bihar.

Name: Siddhant Srivastava (From – Bihar)

Venue: Noida

Date: 23/01/2016

My Reporting time was – 8:30 AM

My Interview Started by – 11:15 AM

The panel was of 5 Member (1 Female + 4 male – Left to Right – F1, M1, M2, M3, M4)

Me: May I come in Sir? (As I could see only one of the panel members through the door.)

M4: Invited me in … (I was standing by the side of the chair – They saw me standing and said all together to have a seat)

F1: Please mention your graduation, 12th, 10th details with percentage and also about your family…

Me: I said I have done my 10th from ICSE Board, UP with 67%, 12th from CBSE Board, Bihar with 69% and I am graduated as B.E in Computer Science with 85% – Gold Medalist also about my family details.

(There was a silence for 30 sec or so … I was looking at all members face hoping anyone would cross-question or ask something)

M2: Your father has business in Bihar or Delhi?

Me: Sir, Bihar

M2: Did you get placed in any of the companies during your campus placement drives?

Me: Sir, I got placed in 4 out of 5 companies I sat for in campus drives. Appeared in them due to college compulsion. But didn’t joined them since I had made my mind for banking since my 4th year in engineering ( No cross questions related to this … no one even asked detailed explanation )

M2: What is your age?

Me: 22

M2: Have you done some coaching like Mahendras, career power etc. ?

Me: Sir, I prefer to study from different sources on internet

M2: So you are an internet savvy?

Me: yes, Sir

M2: So what kinds of questions are generally asked to Engineers? You might have searched about it . Even I do …: P

Me: Sir, u might ask me about basics of computers such as VSAT, Modem, networking related (smiles all over)

M2: What have you prepared for interview?

Me: Sir, Basic banking terminologies

M2: Do you have idea about various current news? Do you go through them?

Me: Yes Sir

M2: Ok, You tell me some news…

Me: Sir, I have studied about the effect of Chinese Yuan’s inclusion in SDR basket and its effect of Indian Economy … Current devaluation of Yuan and its effect on Indian Economy … Fiscal Deficit and measures to control it … (later I related to it the importance of Gold schemes).. and I named few more … By this point I knew they haven’t asked me any questions .. and I wanted to score some points .. so I chose complicated topics … which I had studied properly …

M2: Explain them…

Me: Which one sir??

M2: All of them start from SDR basket inclusion…

Me: Then I told him the positive effects of Yuan’s inclusion in SDR basket on Indian Economy … negative effect that Yuan’s devaluation will have … Fiscal deficit .. Definition and then relating it to the gold scheme … (How decreasing gold imports could improve fiscal deficit if this scheme works properly) …  (But I really did it quick … I just gave direct important points … direct answers)

M2: You are a good candidate… confident, loud and Bold Voice…

During the whole Interview no one else asked questions except M2. Interview lasted for about 10 minutes. M1 was going to ask something but his question was interrupted by M2 somewhere between the interview. Overall I don’t know how my interview went. Because they didn’t ask me questions and that’s what is worrying me.

They offered me a drink of Apple Juice. Although I politely tried to deny it 2-3 times but M4 insisted to take it. It’s an energiser …: P.

I drank it in one shot. They were smiling :P)



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