IBPS PO V: Interview Experience – Sanchita Tripathi

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IBPS PO V – Interview Experience 

Name: Sanchita Tripathi 

Graduation: Hotel Management
Venue – : Bank of Maharashtra (Fort, Mumbai)

Reached at 8:40. Waited for my turn for document verification. Once it started, it was done in 5 minutes. They were very friendly and helpful. My turned came at 12: 20 pm.

There were 4 panel members(1 female+3 Males)

Knocked the door and asked them “May I come in?”

They said Please, Come in. I said Thank You! Reached closer to them and wished them( Wished Ma’am first)

M2: Please be seated

Me: Thank you!

M2: Now please introduce yourself

Me: Told them my name,where I am from, Graduation college, Work ex, Hobbies.

M2: Pehle khana pakati thi, Yahaan kya pakkaogi? (They were all laughing)

Me: I explained it to them that I was not a part of the chef course and was into Sales and Marketing and another subject that dealt with customer management.

M2: Okay, so you are aware of how to deal with customers. ( They were still laughing and talking amongst themselves)

Me: Yes Sir.

M2: So you are working in HR? What all do you do?

Me: Told them

M2: Tell me a different kind of Employee grievance you have witnessed.

Me: Since they were all jolly and laughing I told them a funny one. (I took permission as to if I could tell them something that was funny).

All of them were laughing and went on to saying Wah Wah :-p

F1: So your first preference is ECGC. Did you want it there or was it by mistake?

Me: I have put it as my first preference.

F1: Tell us something about ECGC

Me: Told the full form and 1 function.

F1: They provide insurance, that means they are an insurance company. You want to join a bank or an insurance company?

Me: Providing Insurance is a just a part of what they do.

F1: What else do they do?

Me: I have studied, but can’t recall. Please give me a minute I will think and tell you.

F1: Baapre ek minute?

Me: Somehow remembered and told them.

F1: Okay toh khaali insurance nahi

Me: No (With a big smile), Again they started laughing

M1: What if we send you to a rural area,will you go?

Me: Definitely Sir

M1; What if the Sarpanch comes with a laathi and a man and asks you to give a loan to the person he has come with.

Me: I will ask him for some collateral.

F1: You won’t ask him for the purpose of the loan.

Me: (Big Smile) Yes Ma’am. first that and then collateral

M1: Collateral hota toh woh aadmi akele aata. SArpanch, Laathi aur dhamki ki arurat nahi padti. (All started laughing again). Dhamki dega toh?

Me: I said I will try explaining it to them that we need a collateral without which a loan cannot be given.

M1: He still wants a loan and is threatening you.

Me: Then I will speak to my senior.

M1: You are the senior most there. Will you give it to him?

Me: No Sir

M2: You won’t succumb to the pressure?

Me: No Sir

M2; Phir bolega shaam ko mil dekh lunga. It is very common. And they started discussing happened with this one and that one. ( still laughing).I also started laughing.

M2: What will you do then? Best idea is to spend the night at the bank. (Now we were all laughing).

F1: What is CIBIL

Me: Couldn’t remember the full form but explained what they do.

M3: What if someone wants to open a restaurant and wants a loan? How will you guide them?

Me: Answered

M2: Are you aware of the bank timings?

Me: Yes Sir

M2: The official and unofficial?

Me: Yes Sir

M2: Still okay with it?

Me: Yes Sir. I have worked for longer several times.

M2: Okay. Anyone wants to ask anything?

All the others sad no that’s it.

M2 : Thank you Sanchita. All the best.

Me: Thank you! Then thanked everyone individually and left.

Interview lasted for 15-20 minutes. Others interview lasted for around 10 minutes.

Throughout the interview they were all laughing. I was smiling throughout and laughing also at times.

Thank You Neeraj Sir & GradeStack Team for your support & help. :)


Sanchita Tripathi 


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