IBPS PO V: Interview Experience – Prabhu Sampath

By Neeraj Mishra|Updated : January 27th, 2016

Dear Aspirants,

Here is the Interview experience of Prabhu from Chennai.

As a regular GradeStack reader I love to share my PO Interview Experience.

Name: Prabhu (Disqus Id: prabhu sampath)

Educational Qualification: B.E (Mechanical Engineering)

Date: 25.01.2016, 8:30 AM

Venue: IOB Headquarters, Chennai

Panel: II

I reached the venue by 8 am and then my Biometric Verification & Document Verification was finished. They have collected even my 10th & 12th mark sheet and community certificate too. The Interview was going on parallel and my turn is 7th in my panel. At 10: 30 my round came.

Interview Hall: 4 Panel members (3 Male & 1 Female)

Me: Entered into the hall. Wished everyone Good Morning Mam Good Morning Sirs

M1: You are Prabhu right. Please take your seat

Me: Thank you Sir

M1 As your name is Prabhu, you are rich

Me: (Smiled) No Sir, Am not Rich.

Panel members smiled

M1: Rich means not in terms of Money its by heart, Character

Me: Yes Sir, I love to help others.

F1: That’s good. So is this your first exam in IBPS

Me: No mam I have appeared for SBI PO but couldn’t clear. I have appeared for RRB Assistant.

F1: So what is the result of RRB?

Me: Am in Reserve List.

F1: Good. Are you still in reserve list?

Me: Yes Mam

F1: Why you are in the reserve list.. Did you think about that?

Me: Vacancies are low mam and I have to score more

F1: ya.. Right you have to score

F1: So Where you did your Education

Me: I finished my Schooling in my Hometown (Dharmapuri, Tamilnadu) mam and I finished my engineering graduation in Jeppiaar Institute, Chennai

M2: That a reputed institute Nah… Don’t you get any campus interview offer from Core companies.

Me: Yes sir. I got but am not interested in that. I want to do government job that too banking is my priority.

M2: Then why you did engineering?

Me: I have said the plus in Engineering than arts. Think they Satisfied with my answers.

M2: So what are your questions in RRB Interview?

Me: Sir they asked about NPA, Fixed Deposit and they have asked a technical question about Barcode whether the calculation based on the space between lines or based on the black strips.

F1: What did you say for that?

Me: I said the space between the lines mam.

M1: You did well but why you are not selected.

F1: That’s why he is in Reserve list.

Me: Sir I have failed to answer some question. They have asked me about DRT. That’s the first time am hearing about that.

M1: So did you know what is DRT now?

Me: Yes sir Debt Recovery Tribunal.

All Laughed.

M1: good so you have gone through what is that after your interview

Me: (smiled) Yes Sir

M2: What’s SARFAESI?

Me: Struggled but said.

F1: Don’t Panic relax. What SARFAESI do?

Me: Explained

M1: Ok if you have 10000 Rs. What will you do will you invest in shares or in bank

Me: Sir am not aware of shares so I’ll Deposit in Bank.

M1: If anyone explains what’s share means.. For E.g. I say the shares are good will you invest in shares?

Me: Smiled and said I won’t go with single person opinion sir.

M1: (Point the mam) She also tells to invest in shares. What will you do?

Me: I’ll analyze from the details which you say and also from the internet sources and I will go which is best.

M3: Ok What’s Exchange Rate?

Me: Sorry sir I can’t get what’s that

M3: (Shocked) Exchange Rate of Currency

Me: Sir Indian currency value in foreign currency.

M3: yes and he explained me clearly.

M1: So what are you doing with the potential which you have apart from preparing for Exam.

Me: sir I am owning a blog in which I will post about the notification of IBPS like that sir.

F1: Did you hear about Startup India?

Me: Yes mam

F1: Then from that help you can start a company based on your blog.

Me: But I am interested in Govt. Job mam.. And I too need an investment for that.

F1: No you have no frills account.. So you can start now..

Me: But am interested in banking mam

F1: No! You should start a company…  (All Laughed)

Me: Smiled

F1: What will you do in free time apart from blogging?

Me: I’ll help in my dad’s Business Mam.

F1: Good and what will you if you get a job in Punjab and you need to eat only Chapathi.. Will you adjust or will you throw away the job?

M1: I’ll adjust mam

F1 good & any how had a nice conversation Not only our marks will decide its based upon your written marks. So will see.  All the best.

Me: Thank you mam. I stood up. Wished all.

F1: You should start a company & Laughed. And she asked did you enjoy the interview?

Me: Yes mam (Smiled)

F1: Good see you then.

Me: Thank you mam

It was a fun filled Interview. But there are no much technical questions. So I can’t predict what the score will be. Hope for the Best.

My Suggestion: Learn all the Basic Banking Details. Prepare yourself for the questions they may ask about your hobby, Strength & Weakness.  I mainly suggest go through all theBanking Drive, Soul Banking Awareness & Spark plug articles of GradeStack blog. It will help you more.

Thanks to Neeraj sir & Anjali mam for helping me & for all. Thanks a Lot.

Have Trust in yourself.

Make others to trust in you


Prabhu Sampath


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