IBPS PO V: Interview Experience – Itachi

By Neeraj Mishra|Updated : January 26th, 2016

Dear Aspirants,

As you know, IBPS PO V interview is already in process and it will be end on 29th January 2016. So, in continuation with our IBPS PO V Interview Experience series, today we are sharing Interview Experience of GradeStack reader Itachi. 


Name -Itachi

Qualification – B.tech Mechanical

Date – 25th January 2016

VenueBank of baroda , staff training centre , noida

Time – 1 p.m

Panel – 2

Panel-5 members(4 male+1 female)

Me: May I come in?

M2 (sardarji): aaiye khade kyo hai baithiye..

Me:Thank you

M1: Tell me about your family and their occupation?

Me: My father is a newspaper editor and mother is housewife

M1: Tell me about your qualification?

Me: I have done btech in mechanical.

M1: Kaun se year me complete hua ?

Me: This year only..2015..

M1: Campus placement nh hui ?

Me : Hui thi par IT company me to maine join nh kia..

M1: kya padh ke aaye ho ?

Me: banking basics like type of accounts,rbi , npa’s..

M1: tell me about NPA?

Me: Told them the basic definition

F1: Atm card use krte ho ?

Me: yes

F1: kaun se bank ka?

Me: Sbi

F1: Okay,tell me your PIN ?

Me: Sorry ma’am i can’t share it with you.

F1: okay

M1: recently rbi governor ne govt ko bola hai ki banks ko itne paise do..wo kya amount hai or q dene ko bola hai ?

Me: Sir aaj ke newspaper me 70000 crore likha tha jo gov bank ko degi taki basel norms puri hone me help ho..

M170000 tha ya 28000 ?

Me: Sir 70000 aaj ke HT me padha hai maine..

M2 (Sardarji): ha 70000 hi hai..

F1: explain the need of basel..

Me: for stability of banks..(i fummbled on this answer)

M1:Okay you can go now

Me: Thank you..

M3 and M4 didn’t even ask any questions..and I don’t know whether it was good or not…

Fingers Crossed.. My whole interview was in hindi…

ALL THE BEST to all my gradestack friends for the result..

Thanx a lot Neeraj Sir and GradeStack :)




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