IBPS PO V: Interview Experience – Divya

By Neeraj Mishra|Updated : January 26th, 2016

Dear Aspirants,

As you know, IBPS PO V interview is already in process and it will be end on 29th January 2016. So, in continuation with our IBPS PO V Interview Experience series, today we are sharing Interview Experience of Gradestack reader – “Divya″

Name: Divya


Time – 8.30 am

Venue: Andhra bank zonal office Hyderabad

There were 4 members in the  panel (1 female and 3 males)

I am the 5th one in the panel after document verification my turn came  at 10.45 am.

Entered the room.. wished mam First and then three 3 gentleman

M1: (He is the chairman) So ur Divya?

Me: Yes sir

M1: Where did you do ur btech?

Me: In Hyderabad sir

M1: Which is ur favourite subject?

Me: operating systems sir

M1: Tell something about os?


M1: ok..have u visited any bank?

Me: yes sir..

M1: How much time you spent to deposit amount in Bank?

Me:usually it takes 15-20 min sir..

M1: okay.. ur now selected in Andhra Bank and posted as PO. How will u reduce the time to deposit amount as well as the queue..??

Me: Sir.. It is different .. everyday it wont be like that.. if i observed it evryday then i will suggest my manager to set up a new counter..And the employee in the counter to complete the transactions as fast as he can..

He is not satisfied with my answer.. and he is smiling because of my innocent answer.. :)

M1:okay..what is ur Father?


M1: why Andhra Bank is ur first preference?


M1: What is MS office ?Ms excel and functions?


M1: Difference between Http and HTtps?

Me: told about http and i forgot about https (i know but i couldnt recall it)

I know about https but i could recall it right now sir..

M1: ok no problem..When some tries Get ur info and the term starts with H?

Me:It is hacking

M1: ok..

Mam:What is SHG?


Mam:Which micro finance company started banking business?

Me – told

M2: Nationalization? when? how many? tell me the banks nationalization?(He asked all about nationalization one after another)

M3: What is inflation?

Me – told

M3 – what is GDP?

Me – told

M3 – What is recession?

Me – told

M1 ji very friendly always laughing..  it helped me during interview. Finally.. M1 told me okay Divya.. very Good.. All the best..

I stood up and thanked them with smile.. left the room..overall my interview was about 15min.




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