IBPS PO V: Interview Experience – “D_007″

By Neeraj Mishra|Updated : January 24th, 2016


Disqus Name: D_007

Venue: Bhubaneswar, UCO Bank Local Head Office. 

Date: 23/01/2016

Panel: IV

Timing: 01:00 p.m.

Cat: General

Part 1: Document verification and bio-metrics.

I reached the centre just in time. Candidates were sent to different rooms according to their panel numbers for document verification and bio-metrics. Tea and biscuits were served. Name of the candidates were called as per the serial numbers and documents were verified (academics, work experience and any other documents which the candidate have mentioned in the application form). Then the bio-metrics were done with the left thumb scan. The staffs were very co-operative and friendly. Then we were told to wait for the interview. My turn came at 04:30 p.m.

Part 2: Interview

Panel of 5 members (4M 1F)

Me: Entered the room, greeted everyone (ladies first rule)

M2 (chairman): Good evening, have a sit please.

Me: Thank you.

M2: Why everyone is wearing light blue shirt and navy blue trousers. Who told you to wear this combination?

Me: It is my personal decision. Since, my college days I am doing the same in the formal occasions.

M2: Okay, Tell me about yourself in short.

Me: Explained everything from school till my job. Along, mentioned the qualities that I developed during the period and linked them to the banking. (Leadership, Dynamic and Adaptive, Quick learner,…)

M2: How your graduation and work experience would be helpful in Bank.

Me: Explained well about my multidisciplinary nature of graduation and job.

M2: Very good. (He was very happy.)

M1: What is your father doing?

Me: Answered. (Just basic reply)

L1: Tell me something about Financial Inclusion.

Me: Answered in detail.

L1: Okay, and KYC?

Me: Explained the need and type of documents (id proof and address proof)

M1: What is money laundering?

Me: Answered and told them the steps to control it.

M3 (was in RRB OS1 panel): I know you. You were there in RRB scale 1 interview. We gave you the highest marks in the interview. Why you’re not joining RRB. Why you’re here?

Me: I told them that I couldn’t make it to the final list because my written score was just 2 marks above cut-off.

M3: This time you’ll make it to the final list. (I was very happy)

M4: You were in France for 3 years and working in Research and development. Tell me some reasons why India lacks development in research and why very less Indians make something new in comparison to western countries even though we have very good institutions like IITs and IISc,..

Me: Explained to the core from scope to brain drain. And also mentioned the opposite also i.e. developments in India.

M4: You’re very analytical and pragmatic.

Me: Thank you sir.

M2: Who is the owner of Orient Craft Limited?

Me: Answered.

M2: Tell me about Arvind Limited, Arvind Fashions and Arvind Lifestyle brands? What are the brands under Arvind

Me: Okay, Good.

M2: Tell me about your mountaineering and trekking expeditions. What was your route?

Me: Explained in detail.

M1: Your first preference is PNB. What is the link between PNB and Swadeshi movement?

Me: Answered in detail about the swadeshi movement and the reason behind the establishment of PNB (which was a part of swadeshi movement)

All: Very satisfied.

M2: I wish you all the very best. (Invited to shake hands, I think I was the only candidate with whom he did this)

Me: Greeted all and left the room with super satisfaction and sense of achievement. (15-20 mins interview)

Conclusion: Overall the interview was very good. I believe I am IN.

Good luck to everyone!

Thank you Grade Stack.


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