IBPS PO V: Interview Experience – Ayush Goyal

By Neeraj Mishra|Updated : January 21st, 2018

Dear Aspirants, 

IBPS PO VII Interview is right on your doorstep. The interview process is commencing from 30th January onwards and will continue through 5th February 2018.

Many of you are preparing hard for an interview and always in a search of valuable tips from the experienced candidates.

Considering this, we have decided to publish daily one or two best Interview Experience of those candidates who have appeared in the interview process of – IBPS PO IV, V, VI.

These interview experiences will help you in your preparation. Also, you will get the answers to those questions which you are not aware of or will get an idea how to answer them..

IBPS PO-V: Interview Experience 

Name - Ayush Goyal 

Interview Date - 23/01/15
Venue - Gujarat College of Pharmacy, Indore (M.P.)
Panel 1
Time - 1.00 pm

I reached the venue at 12.15 pm. The biometric and document verification started at 1.00 pm. My turn came at around 3.15 pm. Then interviews started, I entered around 5.45 pm.

There were 5 members in the panel, 4 male and 1 female. Wished them all good evening and they told me to take a chair. Now the questions begin.

M.1. What is your name?

M.1.  Introduce yourself.

M.2. Details about parents?

Now switched to banking..

M.3 What is balance sheet? Where credits and debits are mentioned in a balance sheet? Another name for credits and debits?
Ans.  I answered balance sheet is a statement of company's financial transactions, credits and debits, which gives an account of profits or loss.
Another name for credits and debits I said assets and liabilities.
(Looked satisfied, as I am from an engineering background so that explanation was enough.) :)

Now a bit GK questions..

M.2. Dou you know Sevanti Gandhi?

Ans. Yes sir, he is also known as Abdul Gaffar Khan on whose name is the university in Pakistan Bacha Khan university where recently terrorist activity occurred.

M.1. Yes his full name is Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan. He used to follow Gandhian principles.

M.2. Seven sisters?

 Ans. Yes sir, it is referred to the seven northeastern states of India. Like Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram Nagaland, etc. (Looked satisfied) :)

M.1. So you play Cricket. Can give you tell the advantages of One Day Cricket?

Ans. (Bit confused, as question was not clear to me so I asked whether over Test Cricket?)

He said Yes.

I replied that it is a shorter form of the game so result comes out quickly whereas in a test match you have to wait for 5 days.

He asked any other?

Me. Confused, thinking..

M.1 Innings defeat ka darr ni hta. 😛 (Everyone laughed😀 : D,  me too just a bit..)

Now passed on to M.4

M.4. Where is the registrar of companies office in M.P.?

Ans. Sorry sir

( Though after coming out of the room I recalled that it is Gwalior)

M.4. India’s current foreign reserve value?

Ans. Sorry sir

M.4 What are Mergers and Acquisitions?

Ans. (Was not sure about..just went with the word meanings.)

Mergers mean when two companies with mutual consent come together to form a new company with mutual goals in order to increase profits and expand the business.

Acquisition means when a bigger company takes over a smaller or less profitable company to expand its business.
(Don’t know whether I’m right or not)

Mam. What is asset-liability management?

Ans. The management of banks financial obligations of managing asset liabilities according to maturity periods so that they are always able to meet their financial obligations.

That’s all… :)

No HR questions, No technical questions…Everyone was very cooperative.. the document verification people were quite supportive and interview panel was also friendly..


Ayush Goyal


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