IBPS PO V: Interview Experience – Avik Sarkar

By Neeraj Mishra|Updated : January 28th, 2016

Dear Aspirants,

Here is the Interview experience of Avik Sarkar from Delhi.

Name –AVIK

Qualification – B.E. (ECE) 

Venue: Bank of INDIA, NOIDA

Panel IV

Time – 1:00 pm

Date – 22/1/2016

Reached venue at around 12:30 pm and done with bio-metric. My no was 23.I was the last in my panel. I was waiting outside for my turn as the room was fully crowded. When I was called for verification there was no other candidate there was complete silence. Sir asked me, why are you so tensed, nervous and when everybody was talking you were silent. I said Sir first time .He said beta you took time, don’t worry who comes from behind had the maximum pace and momentum till the destination. Thanks to sir he really motivated me. Afternoon shifts interview started around at 2:30 pm.

As interview started & those who finished, they said mainly general questions had been asked and a little bit on banking.. Now my turn went to the interview area again waiting. As I was the last candidate so I thought I will be served as dessert to them.

Now it’s my turn to face interview around 4:15 pm

Here it goes…

Me: May i come in sir

M1: Yes come in n offered chair (He was GM)

Me: Good afternoon mam and good afternoon sir (while looking at everyone)

F1: What is the meaning of your name?

Me:  Mam strength of a diamond according to Sanskrit.

M1: Why banking?

Me: Sir Growth opportunity, respect and job security.

M1: hmmmmm…..but there is no respect.

Me: ok sir.

M1: You stay in your own flat here?

Me: No sir, I stay on rent.

M3: What do you do?

Me: sir I give tuition to school students.

M2: So what have you studied for today?

Me: Sir Basic banking awareness and current affairs.

M1: only?

Me: sir about my graduation stream too.

M1: What is ECGC?

Me: said.

M1: What does it do?

Me: Explained

M1 does individual directly get access or only banks.

Me: Sir both.

M1: One more question related to rural scheme (very rare one)

Me: sorry sir I am not able to recollect right now.




Me: said.

M1: more

Me: Answered

M1: more

Me: answered

M1: more

Me: short circuit in my brain

M1: you are going exactly right, it is our task to take you to the depth, bring you up and twist you.

M1: Ok what is SHGs?

Me: Explained.

M1: Ok you may go now

Me: thanks to everyone (they replied me back thank you)

Overall it was a nice experience. 

All the best



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