IBPS PO V: Interview Experience - Akhlesh Ranjan

By Neeraj Mishra|Updated : January 25th, 2016

Dear Aspirants,

As you know, IBPS PO V interview is already in process and will be end on 29th January 2016. So, in continuation with our IBPS PO V Interview Experience series, today we are sharing Interview Experience of GradeUp  user– “Ben10

IBPS PO V: Interview Experience 

Name - Akhlesh Ranjan

GradeUp used id - Ben10

Time - 3.00 pm

Date - 18/01/16

Place : Maplewood hotel , Ranchi

After all the process of document verification and a 4 star tea, finally interview started at 3:00 pm. 

I asked permission for entering the room. There was a panel of 6 members (5M and 1F)

After wishing them good afternoon and thanking them for offering seat.

M1: So, introduce yourself.


M2 : Why mom is only caring why not dad. All were laughing , me too.

Ans- sorry sir, both of them are caring ( I said them before that mom is caring housewife)

M1: what was ur btech branch

Ans. Sir mech. Engg

M1 : How can you use your learning here?

Ans. sir, my learning capability and teamwork enhanced there which will be useful in banking.

M2: Why Bhartiya Mahila Bank your 1st choice? Again all of us laughing. :P

Ans: sir, because it is a new bank having more business expansion and providing good chance for career and responsibility.

M2. Tell me how it is different from other bank ?

Ans: It has 100% gov. share..

M2: In others bank ?

Ans : more than 51%

M3: In private bank ?

Ans: less than 49%. 

M3: are u sure ?

Ans : yes sir

M4 : No private bank don't have gov share.

Ans. Sorry sir

M1: Who is owner of Andhra bank ?

Ans. Sorry sir of bank of India?

Ans. Sorry sir. Sir, gov.may be owner.

M1: yes. Gov is owner. Is bhartiya mahila bank opened in Dhanbad. 

Ans. No sir(I was wrong).

I more question was asked, I don't remember that.

Ok. U can go now.

Thanku sir, thanku mam.

That's it.

Be confident guys and stay smiling and relaxed that's all matter only.


Ben 10


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