IBPS PO V: Interview Experience – Abhishek

By Neeraj Mishra|Updated : January 19th, 2016

Here is the Interview experience of Abhishek from Hyderabad.

Name – Abhishek

Venue – Andhra bank Apex College, Hyderabad

Time – 1 PM

Panel – VII (4members M1-M3, F1)

First the verification of documents was done. After the document verification, the IBPS PO interview started exactly at 5:19 PM.

While entering the room I greeted everyone – Good evening Ma’am, Good evening Sir’s!

M1 – Please be seated!

Looked into my papers and questioned.

M1- So tell me what is the meaning of your name and later surname.

Me- Sir it means offering a prayer or a religious ritual and my surname is derived from the Sanskrit language which means “the deity of the house”.

M1 got impressed and said “very good”. I felt comfortable as I started on a high note.

M1- So which stream are you from in engineering? And asked where about of the college.

Me– Answered

M1- Have you read about banks?

Me- Yes Sir!

M1- When were the banks nationalized?

Me- Answered

M1- When did the second phase take place? Year?

Me- Answered

M1- Okay have you heard about PMJDY?

Me- Yes Sir!

M1– Can u please explain about it?

Me- Sir it is a financial inclusion mission to ensure access of financial services and basic banking facilities in a clear and affordable manner. Under this scheme people will be provided with a zero balance bank account.

M1– What is the use of the bank account which has zero balance in it?

Me- Sir, I feel that the main reason behind this scheme is to promote access to banking facilities to all corners of the country. It wants every citizen to be connected and avail the banking benefits by opening an account and start making the habit of saving. And the scheme also provides an overdraft facility of 5000Rs.

M1- Does it also provide loan facility?

Me- I’m not perfectly sure about it Sir. I don’t know.

M2- Tell me something about you other than banking and engineering.

Me- Sir I believe that my communication skills are my biggest assets and my ability to analyze and understand things have turned me into a multitasking person.

M2- Like?

Me- Sir there are a wide range of people who come to my aid for better understanding of the concept. Be it from Sanskrit to social studies. And there’s even an MBA guy near my house who comes to me to get taught before him exams. So I believe this exposure has diversified me a lot.

M2- And?

Me- I do freelance writing and I like to play badminton. In fact I love playing badminton Sir.

M3- From where did you get these communication skills?

Me– I’m sorry Sir! (I was confused on that particular question). I just don’t know Sir. I just have it. It is just in me.

F1- Being an engineering graduate how can you teach an MBA student?

Me- Ma’am it is actually my passion to help the people around me and also the reputation that compels me to do so and finally my quick-wittedness which helps me in understanding the subject and explain it back in a simplified and an accurate manner.

F1- Good


Me- With a big smile. Thank you everyone!

And I left the cabin.



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