IBPS PO Interview Experience 2017, Ranish Sudhakaran

By Ranish Sudhakaran|Updated : January 31st, 2018

Dear Aspirants,

Institute of Banking Personnel Selection has started the Interview round of IBPS PO Exam 2017. In this post, we are going to share the IBPS PO Interview Experience of gradeup user Ranish Sudhakaran. 

IBPS PO Interview Experience: Ranish Sudhakaran

  • Date of Interview: 30th January 2018
  • Interview Venue: IOB Chennai
  • Interview Time: 2:00 PM
  • Interview Panel: 1

I was called up for verification at 2:00 PM. Document verification was done and we were also served Tea and biscuits. I was 8th member in my panel and they called me for the interview at 3:00 PM and I entered the Interview room. My panel comprised of 5 members (4 male, 1 female). 

I was a bit nervous at the moment thinking about the questions: why banking after Engineering, career gap, department related questions and so on.
Final, y the bell rang, my hands were shivering.
Me: May I come in sir.
M1: Yes Sudhakaran pls come in.
Me: I wished them good noon.

M1 was writing something in the note.
M2: What`s your height man?
Me: Sir 6 feet 3.

M2: Do you know the average height of
Me: Sir, I think it's 5.10

M2: It's 5.8
M3: You must be in Mexico.
The whole panel was laughing.

M1: Tell me about your self?
Me: I answered in the evergreen self-intro pattern.

M3: ok let's go to the banking.
Me: I was smiling and said yes sir.

M2: Tell me the financial system in India.
Me: I told about capital market and money market.

M2: Tell me the types of the banking system in India and explain if some bank is there for any development?
Me: Answered.

M3: Do you know priority sector lending?
Me: Yes sir 

M3: Ok. Tell the types.
Me: Explained.

M3: What is MSME and tell me about its types?
Me: Answered.

M3: Tell me two renewable and non-renewable energy resources?
Me: Answered.

M2: OK good. What is account payee crossing?
Me: Sorry sir. I am unable to get this.

M1: Yaa We know! No worries.
Mam: Tell me about RTGS
Me: Explained

Me: Explained.

M4: Do you heard about NPCI?
Me: Yes sir, national payment corporation of India.

M4: Tell its type.
Me: Explained all the things.

M4: Who formed the NPCI?
Me: It is formed by 10 promoter banks.

M4: Tell me any two banks.
Me: Canara,IOB,SBI

M4: Is IOB there?
M3: Book la IOB nu than potrku pola  said in tamil
(Which means they said Is only IOB is mentioned in your book)
Pannel was laughing 😊
Mam: Sir, IOB is also there.
Me: No sir I studied in NPCI website. Sry sir If I am wrong.

M4: it's ok good. Everyone said good and wished me all the best 
Panel: Thank you 
Me: Thank you, sirs, and Thank you, mam.

Overall the interview was around 10mins. 
Overall the panel was very friendly. They were just asking basic banking awareness question be clear with your basics. 
Thank you & All the best for your interview.


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