IBPS PO Interview Experience 2016-17: Mahesh

By Cool Msv|Updated : February 9th, 2017

Hello Friends,

Today, i am sharing my IBPS PO Interview experience which i appeared on 4th February 2017. 

Name- Mahesh
Place- PNB Circle office, Sector 17-B, Chandigarh
Panel- III
Interview Duration : 7 - 8min

IBPS PO Interview Review:-

I was 3rd last to be interviewed by Panel (4 m+ 1 f) on that particular day. After entering and wishing formalities, they offered me to sit.

M1- So Mahesh, Tell me about yourself.
me- Answered, also told them about my recent Teaching experience.

M1- He asked me the reason why I left. 
me -Due to one year contract job.

M1- Have you appeared for any other interview before, or this is your first interview? (Kya koi aur interview diya hai ya fir aapka pehla interview hai?)
me- I told about my IBPS RRB PO Scale 1 at Rohtak.

M1- Then he asked about RRB marks, date and interview place. In fact, he himself said Tilyar lake resort. I nodded.

M1- If you are selected for both IBPS RRB, IBPS PO…then which one will you select?
me- I will select IBPS PO as the growth opportunities are more in this career.

M1- Wahan (in RRB interview) pucha hoga tho RRB kaha hoga? (haste hue)
me- Sir this question was not asked.

M1- If you got selected for both the interviews, then you must have studied hard. Then tell us what is Fiscal Policy? (Then toh agar aap 2 interview k liye select hue h, toh kaafi padhai ki hogi….toh bataiye Fiscal Policy kya hoti h?)
me - Answered but in follow up question fumbled

Then he pointed to the man (M2) to his right to ask questions,
M2 -What is Jallikattu? You must have heard about it, why does this making a big news? (ye Jallikattu kya h. aur ye itne news me kyon h… suna to hoga iske baare me?)
me -I answered 

M2- Good, but why Central government has passed ordinance and now it has withdrawn. Recently State government has also passed ordinance. Why?
me- I tried to tell him chronologically but he cut me short and tell me to come on technical issue which I don’t know…so I said I don’t know.

M2- He told about the State list, Center list….and asked me to study in detail.

Meanwhile, M1 pointed to a female member of the panel far right,

F1-what is plastic money ?
me- Answered

M1 pointed to a person to his left man (M3),
M3- Where will the next olympics? (Agle Olympics kahan honge?)
me - Answered

Then, the person to the left of M3 asked me a question about my field (Mechanical),
M4- What is difference between molding and Forging?
me- answered, He was satisfied with forging, but somehow molding didn’t impress him so asked a follow up question. I didn’t know so I declined.

M4- What is Hardness of Rail lines used?
me- Sorry sir, I am not able to recall.

M1- Thank you Mahesh, best of luck.
me- I thanked all of them and left the room.

It was a nice and cordial get-together which also is the sole aim of Interview.
I would advise you to not bluff. Simply decline or deny if you don’t know anything. Don’t lie. Be confident and wear smile on your face.

Thanks ...!!


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