IBPS PO Interview Experience 2016-17: Akhiljith

By Akhiljith P.j|Updated : February 10th, 2017

Hello Friends,

Today i am sharing my Ibps po VI interview experience

Name- Akhiljith
Place- Trivandrum Canara Bank headquarter
Interview Duration : 7 - 8min

My time slot was 1.30, Document verification completed around 2.30 then Interview started at 4.00. There were 4 members including one female. I wish them all, they offered seat I thanked them.

M1: So akhiljith what is the meaning of your name?
Me: Answered

M1: Tell me about you, your family, ambition, hobby, why you want to join a bank after mtech?
Me:(I had already prepared these questions but while he asked all questions in a single one, it may have went to a big essay. So I can't well explained as per my preparation but answered well in short for all questions)

M1: Did you go for any coaching?
Me: No sir, I completed mtech in 2016 and I prepared my self.

M1: Why have you prefered Bank of India (BOI) on top?
Me: Answerd

M1: What is the symbol of bank of india?
Me: I was confused, I said BOI, they helped me (not like that, they pointed out the symbol of Canara Bank in the door its a two triangle crossed something)

Me: I can't recollect the symbol, so I said sorry sir I don't know but I know the tag line of BOI - its relationship beyond banking. (He was almost satisfied)

M2: Started asking about budget...mention the most important point of budget.
Me: Answered about the tax reduction.

M2: Tag line of this budget?
Me: I said lot of important things in budget.

M2: Yeah, it's ok but what is 3 word tagline of the entire budget?
Me: (I have read that but I don't remember the exact words) I said sir one is clean (yeah he encouraged me) and infrastructure boosting and third one I don't remember sir.

M2: He said the third one is skill.
Me: I thanked him for that information.

M2: Budget allocation for security committee is increased to 10 times, what u know about that?
Me: (actually I didn't heard about that) So I said sir, I don't know much about security committee but the defence sector provision is increased to 10 times.      

M2: Yeah but also provision for security committee. Do u know who is the head?
Me: Ajith dowel.

M2: He asked about banks role other than basic functions of bank?
Me: Answered about all bank functions, then explained other roles like priority sector lending etc. (he was satisfied)

M3: He asked about a money policy similar to that of demonitisation.
Me: I first said I don't know sir....then I remembered the demonitisation of old notes printed before 2005. So, I answered.

M3: From which date to date notes are withdrawn?
Me: Sorry sir, I don't know exactly its old note upto 2005.

M3: How banks incurred loss?
Me: Bad loans, NPA.

M3: What other than lending?
Me: I was confused, then said about the banks investment and PSB have more social commitment so every activity is not profit based etc.

M3: About narrow banking and universal banking.
Me: I answerd well

F1: She asked about digital india?
Me: Answered well....

M1: Ok akhil, take one chocolate!
Me: I said thank you sir, other member too said me to took chocolate - I took one and thanked everyone and went out.

It was a good experience...panels are different in approach some panels mainly focused about personal questions, my panel was more in banking. If you are prepared for 100 words there you can only said 50 due to tension but don't worry most of them are performing this way. Practice well in front of a mirror and always remember that you are the best and this job is for you.

All the best..!!


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