IBPS PO & IBPS Clerk Success Story of Anwesha Jana

By Astha Shukla|Updated : April 3rd, 2018

Hello Grade up users,

I am Anwesha Jana, a Chemistry masters. Right from 8th standard I was eager to study chemistry, and hence after class 12, I opted for Chemistry honours. Luckily, I got into a central government institute which provided me with an Integrated masters course in Chemistry. But as and when the course progressed, in my 4th or 5th year, I realised, that I didn't want to pursue a PhD, as it was not my cup of tea. When I was trying to search for the next best career option, I stumbled upon banking, which is a respectable and secured job.

But the catch was, I had no idea about the B of Banking.
When my masters got over in June 2016, I joined a school as a Chemistry teacher. In the meantime, I got myself enrolled in a coaching centre to prepare for bank exams. I never took it seriously, as I was too busy with my school. But coaching centre did help me to understand how to tackle a particular problem, especially the puzzle section of reasoning.

From 45 attempts in RBI Assistant prelims 2016 to being selected as a probationary officer at Andhra Bank, I came a long way.

My Journey to success -

I took my first exam in December 2016, which was RBI assistant prelims, without any practice. I could only solve 45 question with 100% accuracy. When the results came, I was very sure about not clearing it, but I was shocked to find the cut off to be at 81. This meant I had to increase my speed to two times. My next exam was Syndicate PGDBF 2017, in which I failed too. But then I realized, if I had to make a career in banking, I have to work on my strategy. I downloaded grade up and started using it from March 2017. I practiced the mini mocks and time-bound tests from both these apps regularly for about 2 hours. I couldn't get much time because of my school. I got my first success when I cleared NIACL assistant prelims. This served as a motivation for me to work harder. But despite working harder I couldn't clear NIACL mains. My next aim was SBI PO. I again cleared the prelims but failed in the mains. Cleared NICL AO prelims but failed in the mains.

On retrospecting I realized, I was easily able to clear the prelims, but was failing in the mains. I was failing because I never studied for the general awareness section. My GA knowledge was zero at that time. So, I thought to work upon it. I downloaded Current Affairs app and started preparing general awareness from Grade up, Adda247 and Current affairs rigorously. In the meantime, I left my school in July 2017 to prepare full time for banking.

When notifications started coming from August 2017, I filled up every form. I bought RRB assistant test series (prelims and mains) from Gradeup. I also bought IBPS PO and clerk combined test series (prelims and mains) from Gradeup. I bought RBI assistant mains test series from Gradeup.

Below is the list of exams I took and cleared/failed.
1. RRB PO out in prelims.
2. RRB assistant cleared mains and posted in Bangiya Gramin Vikash Bank.
3. UIICL assistant out in mains.
4. IBPS PO cleared mains and posted in Andhra Bank.
5. IBPS clerk cleared mains and posted in Indian Bank.
6. OICL AO cleared mains but final result awaiting.
7. RBI assistant cleared mains but final result awaiting.

My strategy for prelims -

1. Solve 100 questions daily, including maths, reasoning and English.
2. Practice one hour each of maths, reasoning and English.
3. Practice mini mocks from Grade up.
4. I bought test series from Grade up and practised those for prelims.

Since I studied from an English medium background, I never had the problem with grammar. I was in science stream for 7 years, hence maths and reasoning was also doable in prelims. But in mains I followed the strategy mentioned below-

1. Study the last 4 months general awareness from the date of examination.
2. Give full mock for mains only from Grade up.
3. Practice mini mocks as well both from Grade up.
4. Learn vocabulary from Memrise app and Gradeup.

My tips for prelims -

1. Start with your strong point. Mine was the reasoning. Your can be something different.
2. In your favourite section start from your favourite part. Mine was puzzles in reasoning.
3. Don't attempt miscellaneous at the beginning.
4. Start with simplification or DI in maths section.
5. In English start with grammar first. But for that, your basic rules for grammar should be crystal clear. Wren and Martin is a good book for practicing grammar.

My tips for mains -

1. Practice high-level quant and reasoning from test series bought from any of the apps. I preferred Grade up.
2. Practice grammar from Wren and Martin.
3. Vocabulary from Memrise.
4. Study general awareness daily for at least 2 hours.

Lastly, a vote of thanks to a few people who have been beside me in this struggle-

1. I sincerely thank God, for being so kind to me.
2. My father, who used to sit in the scorching sun for almost 4 hours outside my exam centre. I wanted to do this for him.
3. My mother and sister, who always prayed for my well being.
4. Grade up, Current affairs, coaching centre for their help.
5. A few of my very very close and special friends who always motivated me by saying, "You can do it".
6. Jio, for the Internet.

Remember, Prelims is all about SPEED. Mains is all about ACCURACY.
Also, remember

There is no shortcut to success. Practice and hard work are the only keys to success.

Thanks gradeup.

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Astha ShuklaAstha ShuklaMember since Apr 2017
Astha is currently working as Community Manager in Banking Segment at Gradeup. She started her career with Infosys Ltd as System Engineer, but her dedication towards mentoring the students preparing for Competitive exams has brought her in Education Management sector. She has qualified government banking examinations. She is committed towards quality content creation and data-driven growth.With one and a half year of experience in offline and online education Industry, she believes in giving students a one-stop place for building their career. Her email address is astha.shukla@gradeup.co.
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ANAND RApr 3, 2018

Congrats dear
Siddhant Sanjay
What do you think about Anwesha?
Silly Shyam
Debobrata Das
Mam can you please elaborate what are the main strategies that you have adopted for mains GA. This section is haunting me eveytime i think i have done enough but marks disappoint me.
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InduApr 4, 2018

I am poor at GA how can I prepare for it??
Anu N.

Anu N.Apr 5, 2018

Susovan Haldar
Best part is "JIO for the internet." Ha Ha!

SASIKUMAR VApr 17, 2018

Congratssss...here after I also follow the same kind of strategy

Puri...Jul 19, 2018

Plz suggest me the best books

Ankur Aug 10, 2018

@Anwesha Jana  how to improve English?? can u guide me

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PO, Clerk, SO, Insurance

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