How Tough is CSE GATE?, Tips to Prepare for GATE CSE?

By Himanshu Bajpai|Updated : May 5th, 2022
How Tough is CSE GATE?, Tips to Prepare for GATE CSE? GATE, or Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering 2022, is an essential exam for every engineer. It is a gateway to many opportunities, such as admission to reputed universities or white-collar jobs in PSUs. The Gate Exam is conducted by IITs/IISc once a year. IIT Kanpur will conduct this year's GATE exam for aspirants. Many questions arise in every student's mind. How tough is CSE GATE?, Tips to prepare for GATE CSE?, Which books should I follow for GATE CSE?

GATE 2022 is a trendy competitive exam conducted by IITs and IISC Bangalore together in rotation. Cracking the GATE CSE exam can be challenging and requires laborious work and perseverance. Candidates can select one or two papers from the pre-approved combination in which Computer Science and Information Technology are pretty impressive. It is now possible to check how to prepare for GATE CSE from this article.


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This article will answer all these questions an aspirant faces while starting their preparation for GATE CSE. Any exam preparation can be done by either joining a coaching institute or self-preparation. Online coaching is one of the options, but not everyone can opt for this. So the student must be wondering how to start preparations for GATE Computer Science. This post will help candidates to clear all their doubts. 

How to Score 70+ in Computer Science/Preparation & Approach for GATE CSE 2023 Exam 

Why Attempt GATE CSE Exam?

Before moving to How tough is CSE GATE? and what are tips to prepare for GATE CSE? Check other facts and benefits about the GATE CSE examination to excel in these examinations.

  • CSE candidates can be admitted to IITs, NITs and several other government-funded institutes for higher studies through this exam.GATE is also a good option for computer science because some PSUs like IOCL hire computer science graduates.
  • Apart from PSU, BARC, DRDO, and ISRO accept candidates with good GATE scores. 
  • Some candidates go for higher studies after completion of their bachelor's. For post-graduation and doctoral programs in IITs and IISc, GATE is organised. 
  • For GATE, most students opt for coaching and online classes, but some students don't have many resources to go for costly coaching classes. So they prepare by themselves.
  • A sheer amount of dedication and hard work is required to get into IITs and top institutes through the GATE exam, and it is only possible if someone acquires a rank less than 1000.

GATE CSE Question type & Marks Division 

Let us now discuss GATE CSE question type & marks division according to our new GATE 2021 question paper so that candidates can get answers to which subjects are more critical for GATE CSE examinations.

Total Questions
Data Structures2013
Computer Organization1135
Digital Logic2024
Computer Network3126
Theory of Computation4217
Compiler Design2114
Operating Systems2125
Discrete Mathematics4026
Engineering Mathematics3126
General Aptitude100010

How to prepare for GATE CSE / Tips to Prepare for GATE CSE

Syllabus and Pattern

Always start by analysing the syllabus and getting the pattern of the exam. Then, you can easily download it for GATE CS from the GATE 2022 website or the link below.

  1. GATE CSE Syllabus 2023.
  2. Start and prepare your schedule according to the syllabus.
  3. Make sure you complete the entire syllabus in time.
  4. Once you get the exam pattern, it will be easy for you to plan how to proceed.

Study Plan

Decide a standard textbook for each subject and study them carefully to build your fundamentals clear and crisp. Don't opt for multiple books for single subjects. Instead, decide on any book as per the popularity, and by keeping this in mind, it must contain each topic as per the GATE syllabus. Then, start reading and making notes for each subject. You can start with the easy subject.

GATE CSE Subjects & their Importance 

The question is how to proceed with different subjects and which subjects are essential. You can follow the orders given below:

  • Operating System and Algorithm and Data Structures - The very conceptual question is frequently asked from these subjects, So study them with total concentration.
  • Theory of Computation and compiler design - These subjects are easy to prepare and important for GATE as direct & conceptual questions are directly asked from these subjects. After going through the previous year's paper, you will get a clear picture of this.
  • Databases, Computer networks, Digital logic - These are less covered by GATE Exam, but as they are straightforward to cover, study them properly and solve previous year's questions.
  • Computer Architecture Organisation - This subject is essential for the GATE exam. Prepare it well. This could be s game-changing for your score. It covers a good number of weightage in the GATE exam.
  • Mathematics and General Aptitude - Give at least 1 hour to these subjects daily. Practice more questions. These two themselves contain about 30% of weightage.

Practice and Revision

Weekly Revision for everything is an essential part of the preparation. Revise each subject daily if possible. Please make your notes, and go through them once a week.

Join a test series. Give test series chapters and then subjectwise. Before the main exam, gives as many Mock as possible. Assess yourself from the result of such a test, do the needful and prepare yourself better.

Motivation and Determination

Keep yourself always motivated, Don't let yourself down. Following a strict and healthy routine, including Yoga and Meditation in your timetable, will help you maintain fit and happiness.

When you feel good from the inside, you will be able to give 100 per cent to your study.

 GATE 2021 Computer topics Wise Questions and their marks 

Here we are sharing Computer Science Subject wise weightage in GATE 2021 examination along with questions that were asked from these topics, which will be very helpful for students to study for GATE 2022 -

Computer Sci. & Engineering
SubjectAverage MarksTopics
Engineering Mathematics5Limit continuity, Matrix algebra, Probability
Discrete Mathematics & Graph Theory10Set theory, Mathematical logic, Directed weighted graph, Graph colour, Combinatorics.
Design & Analysis Algorithms4Hashing, Analysis of algorithm
Programming & Data Structure12MST, Binary heap, C- programming, Balanced Binary Search Tree, Postorder traversal, Arrays and Pointers
Digital Logic4Combinational circuit
Computer Organization11Memory organisation, M/C instruction and addressing mode, Pipeline, Floating point, I/o Interface/ ALU & data path
Theory Of Computation9DFA, regular expression, turning machine, context-free and pushdown automata, regular expression
Compiler design4Syntax directed translation, lexical analysis, parsing
Operating Systems10Memory Partitioning, Disk Scheduling, CPU scheduling, Process and thread
DBMS8transaction and concurrency control, ER model, SQL, Database design
Computer Networks6The transport layer, IP addressing, Routing Algorithm
General Aptitude15Numerical computation, English grammar, Numerical reasoning, Vocabulary, Data Interpretation

Topic-wise, GATE Books for CSE 

Success in exams is only possible when you have the correct determination with proper study material to give GATE exams; therefore, choosing the right books is a crucial step toward the proper preparation to score better.

We share this article to help you get the right and most recommended books covering all the computer science section topics. 

Topic Covered

Name of the Book



Introduction to Algorithms

Thomas H. Cormen

Theory of Computation

An Introduction to Formal Languages and Automata

Peter Linz

Computer Organization and Architecture

Computer Organization and Architecture

William Stallings

Operating System

Operating System Concepts


Computer Networks

Computer Networks

Andrew S. Tanenbaum and David J. Wetherall

Networks by Forouzon


Database Management Systems

Database System Concepts

Henry Korth

Discrete Mathematics

Discrete Mathematics and its Applications

Kenneth H Rosen

Digital Logic and Number representation

Logic and Computer Design Fundamentals

Morris Mano

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Important Articles Helpful for Preparing for the GATE Exam


All the best.


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  • The difficulty level of the GATE CS paper 2022 was Moderate to Difficult. On the other hand, engineering, on the other hand, engineering Maths and General aptitude were easy.

    18 NAT type questions were there in the Paper.

    50% direct concept based numerical.

    14 to 16 NAT type questions were there in the Paper.

    20% of conceptual questions.

    8 MSQ Questions were there in the Paper.

  • Every GATE aspirant should have a study plan, but only a few remain to adhere to the study schedule. So prepare short plans and after 15 days, evaluate yourself, whether you completed your target or not and where you are lacking.

  • IIT Kanpur will conduct GATE 2022 for Computer science. IIT Kanpur will open applications for GATE CSE examinations for all aspirants from September to GATE 2022.

  • Algorithm - Introduction to Algorithms - Thomas H. Cormen, Theory of Computation - An Introduction to Formal Languages and Automata- Peter Linz, Computer Organization and Architecture - Computer Organization and Architecture- William Stallings are some of the best books for GATE CSE preparation.

  • Yes, GATE CSE is tough but constant devotion of 4-5 hours daily for 7-8 months can surely help you to crack this examination. GATE CSE exam can also be cracked but taking help from free classes on youtube and applications from institutes like BYJU'S Exam Prep.

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