Computer Networks Notes

By : Anand Pandey

Computer Networks Notes: A network can be defined as a group of computers and other devices connected in some ways to be able to exchange data. Learn fundamental concepts of Computer Networks notes simply and easily starting from the Concept of layering, LAN technologies, Flow and error control techniques, Application layer protocols (DNS, SMTP, FTP, HTTP, POP), Switching, IPv4/IPv6, Routers, and routing algorithms and sockets, congestion control, and Basics of Wi-Fi, Network security. The computer networks notes for GATE notes will be helpful to start preparation.

We have listed down the preparation tips and study material for Computer Networks for upcoming GATE, BARC, ISRO, and other CS exams.

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Computer Networks Notes for Computer Science Engineering

The concept of layeringNotes on Concept of layering
LAN Technologies (Ethernet)Notes on LAN Technologies
Flow and error control techniques, SwitchingNotes on Flow and Error Control Techniques
IPv4/IPv6, routers and routing algorithms (distance vector, link state)Notes on IPv4/IPv6
TCP/UDP and sockets, congestion controlNotes on TCP/UDP
Application layer protocols (DNS, SMTP, POP, FTP, HTTP)Notes on Application Layer Protocols
Basics of Wi-FiNotes on Basics of Wi-Fi
Network securityNotes on Network Security
Computer Networks