Operating System

By : Anand Pandey

Best Operating System notes for GATE & computer science engineering exams. Operating System (OS) in Computer Science Engineering (CSE) is an important subject which allows the computer hardware to communicate and function with the computer software. This subject includes various Processes, Threads, Inter‐process communication, Concurrency and Synchronization, Deadlock, CPU Scheduling, Memory Management, Virtual Memory, and File systems with a weightage of 6-9 marks. We have compiled below the Operating System topic-wise study material for upcoming GATE, BARC, ISRO and other CSE exams.

Operating SystemBooks for Operating System
Gate CS Operating System Study Plan
Operating System Weighatge Analysis
GATE CSE Study Plan for Operating System

Operating System Notes for Computer Science Engineering

CPU Scheduling
File System
Memory Management and Virtual Memory
Processes and Threads

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Operating System