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By Kapil Baliyan|Updated : April 24th, 2017

Almost 5 questions are usually asked from Fillers or Fill in the blanks in English Language section. Today, in this article, we will discuss about about Sentence Fillers. This segment is so common in the test of English language that almost every exam has it in different forms. It is so certain to appear in the exam that you can bet on it. Therefore, it makes an immense sense to devote your time and energy to it. Well, every one of the aspirants wants to succeed but you must know what it takes to reach there and how will you transform that into reality.

Sentence Fillers

It all starts with you marking the right answers in the exam. When it comes to sentence fillers, the same thing is expected of you. You must mark the right answers. However, this is not always a piece of cake. As a teacher, I will tell you what they expect from you when they form such questions for you to attempt. Many such questions are purely based on English grammar. They are directly related to it. So, if you have studied grammar, you can easily solve those questions. I’ll give you a few examples. Here they are.

Q.1. If Ramesh had needed help, he……….asked for it.

(a) could
(b) would not have
(c) could have
(d) would be

Q.2. you should hurry up ……. You ……miss the class.

(a) else….should
(b) lest…..might
(c) lest…..should
(d) else…..will have

Q.3. Although the sun was shining brightly…….it wasn’t very warm.

(a) but
(b) however
(c) yet
(d) even

Q.4. The exam was……….yesterday but ………

(a) being held…..cancelled
(b) to be held…….cancelled
(c) to be held…..was cancelled
(d) held…….was cancelled

Now let us see how one should approach such questions. 

In Q.1., the knowledge of conditional sentences will help. Along with it, reasoning is required. The sentence means that Ramesh needed help and if that was the case, he could have asked for it. It means that he didn’t ask for it. The sentence means that he had the option of seeking help but he did not exercise that option. May be, someone would have helped him. This is the point behind “could have”. If somebody had the chance or ability to do something but he did not do it willingly, then we say that he “could have” done it.

In Q.2., there is a fear that something bad may happen and that’s why a particular action is required. This question has two solutions. First one is “else……will”. It says that hurry up else you will miss the class. But, there is no such option. Second solution is “lest……should”. The sentence will look like “hurry up lest you should miss the class”.

Try the rest two questions yourself and leave the answers in the comments.

How to solve Sentence Fillers?

These questions can be solved accurately if you have studied grammar. Hence, you must not leave any chance. If you haven’t brushed up your knowledge of English grammar yet, this is the perfect time to start. Study the grammar topics thoroughly. Anything may be asked in the question, be it preposition, conjunction, auxiliary verbs, noun, adjective, adverb, passive voice or the different forms of the verbs. The strategy is to improve your knowledge of grammar so that you can gain an insight as to which word should come in the blank.

Many questions, on the other hand, are completely based on vocabulary. You are tested on your ability to use formal words which are mainly used in writing. They may be very uncommon words in spoken language. They may not be colloquial. A candidate is expected to know the word, the usage of it and also the synonym or antonym of it. This involves sheer hard work and perseverance. Only those who have patience can be sure of success in this regard.

A few such questions are given below.

Q.5. The leader has never hidden his prejudices. He is a …….racist.

(a) direct
(b) bitter
(c) blatant
(d) covert
(e) subtle

Questions like this demand that you should understand the meaning of the options. For this, to have a good vocabulary is essential. “covert’’ means secret. If the leader has never hidden his views, the option “covert” will not fit. The word “subtle” means difficult to perceive OR not very noticeable (as in ‘subtle difference’) OR skilful or ingenious (as in ‘a subtle painter’). This word doesn’t fit either. The sentence needs a word that can convey a sense that the leader is racist and it is brazenly obvious and that it is not at all a secret. The answer is “blatant”. “Blatant” means ‘done in an open way without caring if people are shocked’ (e.g. a blatant attempt to buy votes/ a blatant lie)

A few more examples are given below for you to solve. Try them.

Q.6. …….vividly while delivering a speech. People will misunderstand you if you slur your speech or…….

(a) blather…..drone
(b) murmur…..drawl
(c) enunciate….mumble
(d) speak…articulate

Q.7. Many villages remained…..for years after the landslide’s destruction. Efforts to rebuild were largely……..

(a) barren……isolated
(b) robust…….wasteful
(c) desolate….abortive
(d) underwater……effective

Normally, the questions have either one or two blanks in one or two sentences. Sometimes, as it happened in a recently held bank exam, there are questions that have three blanks. The approach remains the same whether there is one blank, two blanks, three blanks or more. A few examples of three blank questions are given below.

Q.8.  When……, he……. and …… his involvement in the crime.

(a) asked…..broke up……agreed
(b) remanded…..broke through……admitted
(c) confronted…..broke down…….admitted
(d) faced……cried……denied

Q.9. …….products mean higher………, even as it provides a cushion against market…………

(a) cheaper……sale…… and downs
(b) costly……..profits……value
(c) branded…….margins……volatility
(d) high-end……value addition…..benefits

Solve all these questions and search the meaning of the words. This is for you to solve.

The ability to understand the written matter matters most in the test of English language. So, you must focus all your energies on sharpening this skill. It does take time but rewards are very satisfying.

It is never too late. You can start now. Start by making notes on every word that you come across. Don’t go to the next till you are done with the first one. This will get you in control. You can begin with 20 words a day. This way, you’ll have learnt around 600 new words by the end of the month. This will be amazing if you can do that.

The answer to all the questions is option (C).

After you finish reading this article, share with us what difficulty you face while solving sentence completion questions.

We’ll be happy to solve your queries. If you have any question, write in the comments below.

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