How is a Globe useful to us? Write the Limitations of the Globe

By Shivank Goel|Updated : October 3rd, 2022

The Globe is useful in searching the oceans and the various nations of the world. It is a three-dimensional spherical structure that represents the earth. It illustrates the spread of water and depicts the land on the earth's surface along with the right size, location, and shape of the oceans and continents of the earth.

Limitations of Globe

A globe is a spherical three-dimensional structure with a world map showing the water bodies and the land masses. Along with this, the globe depicts the network of longitudinal and latitudinal lines. If it shows the model of the earth, then it is called the Terrestrial globe, while if it represents the celestial sphere, it is called the celestial globe. Though it helps understand the earth, it has got a few limitations. The limitations of the globe are-

  • It doesn't show the exact location between the two points.
  • Its size is tiny as compared to earth.
  • It is hard to carry.
  • It cannot be made for or as a part of the earth.

According to various Geo scientist, Globe is the major resource that anyone can use to study about the Earth. It is majorly use to understand distribution of Land and water, international borders, shape, size of a particular place. As a student, you must have seen a globe in your school, college or in Offices. 

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FAQs on Globe and Its Uses

  • A globe is a three-dimensional structure representing the earth's spherical shape. It has longitudinal and latitudinal lines and shows waterbodies and landmasses. Apart from this, there are a few limitations as it does not tells the exact distance between two places, and it is small in shape.

  • The limitations of Globe are- It is small compared to the actual earth, so it is difficult to judge the actual position of two points. It is hard to carry and can never be made for a part of the earth.

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