HCS study notes: Important facts about Haryana

By Shubham Verma|Updated : March 10th, 2021

HCS Study Notes: Important facts about Haryana! In this article, we will cover Important facts about Haryana like the Bordering States, Official language, divisions, population, population density, sex-ratio, literacy rate, smallest district, largest district, state bird, state tree, state flower, state animal, dams, Important personalities, etc.

HCS study notes: Important facts about Haryana

  • The meaning of the word Haryana is the Forest land of Hari. The earliest reference to 'Hariana' occurs in a Sanskrit inscription dated 1328 AD kept in Delhi Museum, which refers to this region as The heaven on earth, indicating that it was fertile and relatively peaceful at that time. 
  • Haryana is the 20th state of India carved out from Punjab in 1966
  • Haryana borders 5 states (Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan)
  • It surrounds the National Capital from its 3 sides.
  • Haryana is home to the largest number of Rural Crorepatis in India.
  • Hindi is the official language of the state.
  • There is a total of 22 districts in the state and 6 divisions.
  • Rohtak is the largest division in terms of its area
  • It is the 17th largest populated state in India with a total population of 2.5421 crores
  • The Population Density of the state is 577
  • The Sex Ratio of the state in 877 (2011 census), worst among all states in India
  • Child Sex Ratio is 950 girl child for every 1000 male children.
  • It is the 20th largest state in India in terms of its area – 44,211 square km.
  • The literacy rate of the state is 75.5%. it ranks 15 among all states in terms of education.
  • It has the second-highest per capita income in the country and it is one of the wealthier states of India.
  • Sirsa district is the largest district in terms of area.
  • Smallest district – Panchkula
  • Biggest Village – Sisai, Hisar district
  • Richest Village – Wazirabad, Gurugram
  • Largest Railway station – Rewari Junction
  • Biggest Bus Station - Jhajjar
  • Faridabad is the largest city in the state.
  • The district with the highest population in Faridabad.
  • Haryana is the first state in India to achieve 100 % rural electrification.
  • Haryana contributes to the maximum export of Basmati rice in India.
  • State Bird – Black Francolin
  • State Tree – Peepal
  • State Flower – Lotus
  • State Animal – BlackBuck
  • Karoh Peak is the highest peak of the state.
  • The only river which flows through this state is Ghaggar.
  • The battles from Mahabharat to Panipat were fought in this land.
  • Nizampur-Narnaul-Mohindergarh-Dadri-Bhiwani-Hansi-Barwala-Tohana-Munak is the longest state highway in Haryana.
  • Damdama Lake is the largest lake in Haryana
  • Bhakra Dam is the highest dam in Haryana
  • 22nd District- Charkhi Dadri

Important Personality

Freedom Fighters: Sir Chhotu Ram; Dharam Singh Hayatpur; Ganga Singh Gurjar; Ranbir Singh Hooda; Tula Ram;

Sports Personalities: Vijender Singh (Boxing); Kapil Dev (Cricket); Virender Sehwag (Cricket);

Sandeep Singh (Hockey); Savita Punia (Hockey); Sakshi Malik (Wrestling); Yogeshwar Dutt (Wrestling);

Politicians: Bansi Lal (former Chief Minister); Bhupinder Singh Hooda (former CM); Sushma Swaraj (Union Minister of External Affairs), Aravind Kejriwal (Chief Minister of Delhi).

Others: Kalpana Chawla (Astronaut); Nek Chand Saini (Art & Architecture); Shekhar Guera (Editorial Cartoonist); Murari Lal Sharma (writer); Baba Ramdev (Yoga Guru).



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