Tricks to Remember Countries and Capitals (देशों और राजधानियों को याद करने की ट्रिक)

By Avinash Kumar|Updated : November 10th, 2021

Tricks to Remember Countries and Capitals: "Countries and capitals" is an important topic of the GK syllabus. Questions are frequently asked about the countries and their capitals in Bihar Police Si, Constable, and other state exams.
In this article, we would learn tricks to remember countries and their capitals. These tricks would be helpful in the preparation of Bihar Police Si, Constable, and other state exams.

GK Notes: Tricks to Remember Countries and Capitals

Trick 1: Country Name and Capital Name are Similar/Alike

PanamaPanama City
MexicoMexico City
Vatican CityVatican City
GuatemalaGuatemala City
KuwaitKuwait City
DjiboutiDjibouti City
AndorraAndorra la Vella

Trick 2: List of Countries whose Capital Names End with “Town”

Barbados Bridge Town
Sierra LeoneFree Town
South AfricaCape Town
GuyanaGeorge Town

Trick 3: List of Countries their Capitals and Tricks to Memorize



DamascusIn Syria first 2 letters sounds like ‘see’. (Trick: See the ‘Dam’ when you go for picnic)


OttawaOttawa sounds like “Oats” (Trick: Canadians like Oats)


Kingston(Trick: Jamaica’s men are “Kings”)


StockholmSweden (sound relates to ”Sweat-den”) Stockholm (sounds like “Stock +Home”)
(Trick: Sweats are in Stock in our Home.)


BudapestHungary looks like “Hungry” Budapest sounds like “Buddha+pest (Trick: Buddha (Old man) is very Hungry.)


BuenosAires look like “Airs” (Trick: Argentina’s Airs)


ThimpuBhutan sounds like “Boot+tan” Thimphu sounds like name “Tippu Sultan” (Trick: Tippu Sultan wear Boots)
IranTehran (Trick: Both words ends with “ran”)


CopenhagenMark (a name) Co-Pen(means Others Pen) (Trick: Mark uses others Pen.)
AustraliaCanberra Canberra sounds like “Cadbury”  (Trick: Australia’s companies manufacture’ Cadbury) 
 MoroccoRabat Rabat sounds like “Robert” (Trick: Morocco’s Robert.) 
 TaiwanTaipei Taiwan sounds like (“Tie +One”) Taipei sounds like (“Tie +Pi”) 
Poland Warsaw 

Land – War – Saw (Trick – I SAW a WAR happened in poLand)   


Valletta(Trick: Malta – Letta)


Bucharest(Trick: Romania people take “Rest”)

Czech Republic 


Prague sounds like “Pray” (Trick: Czech People “Pray” for God Daily)

New Zealand 


Wellington -Washington (Trick: New Washington)



Brazzaville – Brazil + Ville (Trick: Congo’s to Brazil for hosting FIFA WorldCup) 



Estonia sound like “Yes +Stone” (Trick: Stone is Tall) 

VenezuelaCaracas (Trick: Veny Travels in Car) 
 Bahrain  Al Manamah(Trick: Bahrain has ‘rain’ in its last word; In Manamah take the word ‘man’. Now, Man stands in the rain.) 



Ukraine sounds like (“Uk+rain”) Kyiv sounds like (“key”) (Trick: In Uk, while raining lost KEY) 

BrazilBrasillia (Trick: Brasillia – Brazil+lia) 


Baghdad (Trick: ‘Ira’ in this era my ‘dad’ was born) 



Bulgaria – Bulk +Area Sofia looks like “Sofa” (Trick: Bulk of Sofa’s in that Area) 

 IsraelTele Aviv (Trick: In Is’rael’ all seen ‘Rally’ in television) 
Maldivesmale (Trick: Add ‘E’ to the end of Mal.) 



Croatia sounds like (“Coast +Asia”) Zagreb sounds like (‘za+Grey”) (Trick: Coast Asia people like “Grey” Colour) 


Vienna (Trick: in Austria take ‘tri’ means 3; Vienna Sounds like instrument ‘veena’. So,3 veenas that is tri vienna) 
 Lebanon Beirut(Trick: Beirut sounds like Beetroot, Lebanon sounds like Non: Now it is Beetroot non…eat it..) 
Oman Muscat(Trick: Oman as ‘Oh!Man!!” You Must cut the hair – Must cut, Muscat) 




(Trick: Take cyp as ‘zip’ in Nicosia think as Nike t-shirt; Now Nike shirt has zip in it) (Trick: Nicosia sounds like (“Nik +Asia”) 

 PhilippinesManila (Trick: Philips TV was manufactured by a ‘Manu’ and Nila; Manu and Nila becomes Manila) 



(Trick: ‘kyr’ sounds like ‘Geer’,‘Shkek’ sounds like shake; now like milk shake,it is Geer shake the Geer to make geer shake)


Phnom Penh(Trick: Combo pack of ‘pens’ are given)


Amman(Trick: ’Jo+man’= Joker man)

South Korea

SeoulSeoul looks like “Soul” (Trick: South Korea’s Soul)

North Korea

PyongyangPyongyang sounds like “Young-yang” (Trick: North People are “Young”)

Note: Jeruselum has been declared as the capital of Israel (disputed) but according to India's stand on International Platforms, we accept Tele Aviv as the Capital of Israel (voted against the USA)

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