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By Himanshu Bajpai|Updated : August 2nd, 2022

Electricals GATE Starter Series: BYJU'S Exam Prep offers a comprehensive study plan to aid your GATE exam preparation journey. We have launched a GATE Starter Series on our App platform FREE for all users. In this series, we will cover important topics of all the high-weightage subjects for the GATE Exam 2023. These topics have been selected based on an analysis of previous year's papers under expert guidance.

The most critical challenge that students face while preparing for GATE Exam is that they cannot find topic-wise concepts and practice classes on the same platform. All toppers affirm that GATE Exam is a game balance between conceptual clarity and the ability to apply those concepts in questions. Therefore, students need multiple variations of questions on every topic to strengthen the foundation. This series helps them to attempt exams with high confidence. 

All our Achievers in GATE 2022 have opinionated the same and recommended the same strategy to all the fellow aspirants. 

To help you overcome this challenge, BYJU'S Exam Prep brings to you a unique GATE Starter Series, in which each concept class will be followed by an interactive practice session and self-practice quizzes on the same topic.

Highlights of GATE Starter Series : 
  • This Series will have abstract classes followed by an interactive practice session and daily practice quizzes.
  • Live and Recorded online lectures by India's ESE & GATE-qualified top faculties. on our App.
  • Lectures will be focused on the latest patterns and trends.
  • Coverage of all essential concepts from the perspective of the GATE 2023 Exam.


  • Classes will be conducted from 17th May at 4:00 PM on BYJU'S Exam Prep GATE.
  • The schedule will be updated here regularly, so save this article and begin your preparations.
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Schedule for GATE Starter Series

Rakesh Talreja and Abhinav Negi
TheoryEnergy & Power Signals - 1Rakesh Talreja6/17/2022Attempt Here
PracticeEnergy & Power of Signals - 2Rakesh Talreja6/18/2022Attempt Here
TheoryVoltage Regulator - 1Sanjay Rathi6/22/2022Attempt Here
PracticeVoltage Regulator - 2Sanjay Rathi6/23/2022Attempt Here
TheoryFirst Order Transient - 1Sanjay Rathi6/24/2022Attempt Here
PracticeFirst Order Transient - 2Sanjay Rathi6/25/2022Attempt Here
TheoryResonance - 1Sanjay Rathi6/29/2022Attempt Here
PracticeResonance - 2Sanjay Rathi6/30/2022Attempt Here
TheoryIntegrator - 1Sanjay Rathi7/1/2022Attempt Here
PracticeIntegrator - 2Sanjay Rathi7/2/2022Attempt Here
TheoryDiscrete-Time Convolution - 1Rakesh Talreja7/6/2022Attempt Here
PracticeDiscrete-Time Convolution - 2Rakesh Talreja7/7/2022Attempt Here
TheoryLTI System - 1Rakesh Talreja7/8/2022Attempt Here
PracticeLTI System - 2Rakesh Talreja7/9/2022Attempt Here
TheoryPrecision Rectifier A to ZSanjay Rathi7/13/2022Attempt Here
Practice Precision Rectifier A to Z -QuizSanjay Rathi7/14/2022Attempt Here
TheorySetup time and hold timeSanjay Rathi7/15/2022Attempt Here
PracticeSetup time and hold time - QuizSanjay Rathi7/16/2022Attempt Here
TheorySignal Flow GraphsRakesh Talreja7/20/2022Attempt Here
PracticeQuestions Practice on Signal Flow GraphsRakesh Talreja7/21/2022Attempt Here
Theory1st Order Control SystemsRakesh Talreja7/22/2022Attempt Here
PracticeQuestions Practice on 1st Order Control SystemsRakesh Talreja7/23/2022Attempt Here
TheoryEverything about Johnson CounterSanjay Rathi7/27/2022Attempt Here
PracticeJohnson Counter-Quiz SessionSanjay Rathi7/28/2022Attempt Here
TheoryFSM and Sequence DetectorSanjay Rathi 7/29/2022Attempt Here
PracticeFSM and Sequence Detector - QuizSanjay Rathi 7/30/2022Attempt Here

This is a golden opportunity for Electrical Engineers to prepare for GATE Exam 2023 for FREE! 


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