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Precision Rectifier A to Z -Quiz Starter Quiz

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Question 1

The value of output offset voltage in mV is___, if input offset voltage is 1.2 mV and feedback resistance is 75 times of R.

Question 2

In the given circuit the diodes are ideal find Vout in Volts

Question 3

An inverting operational amplifier having nominal gain Ao = 1000, it is constructed with an op-amp of having Vos = 4 mV, & the saturation level = ±12 volt.

What will be symmetric peak sin wave input signal that can be applied without the clipping____ (in mV)

Question 4

In the below circuit, the input offset voltage and input offset current are and The total output voltage is _______mV

Question 5

Find the value of Ra (in KΩ) such that

Question 6

Find the gain  of the system given below:

Question 7

If diodes as well as op-amp are ideal for the given circuit then

Vo = ___volts.

if Vin = 5V

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