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Questions Practice on 1st Order Control Systems Starter Quiz

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Question 1

The open loop transfer function of a unity gain negative feedback system is given as .

The Nyquist contour in the s-plane encloses the entire right half plane and a small neighborhood around the origin in the left half plane, as shown in the figure below. The number of encirclements of the point (−1 + j0) by the Nyquist plot of G(s), corresponding to the Nyquist contour, is denoted as N. Then N equals to

Question 2

The damping ratio and undamped natural frequency of a closed loop system as shown in the figure, are denoted as ξ and ωn, respectively. The values of ξ and ωn are

Question 3

State space representation of a system is given below.

y(t) = [1 2] x(t)

Where y(t) = output and u(t) = input

The impulse response of the system at t = ln(3) is

Question 4

What is the sum of gain  for the system shown in figure given below is_____

Question 5

The open loop transfer function of a unity feedback control system is  k > 0, if the root loci diagram is drawn, then

1). Marginal value of k = 44

2). Centroid of the root loci (–1.67, 0)

Which of the above statement is/are correct.

Question 6

The dominant poles of a control system are located at s = –2 ±j. Then

1). Damping ratio = 0.5

2). Natural frequency = 3 r/s

3). Settling time = 2 sec

Which of the above statements are correct?

Question 7

The unit step response of a second order control system with unity negative feedback is given by

The transfer function  is

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