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1st Order Control Systems Starter Quiz

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Question 1

A sensor requires 30 s to indicate 90% of the response to a step input. If the sensor is a first order system, the time constant is
[given, ]

Question 2

A first order control system is defined by G(s) =  if a step input is applied the system response reaches 40% of the initial value in 10 seconds. Find the value of 100a ____?

Question 3

Consider two control systems with following transfer function,

System 1 :

System 2 :

Which of the following is true?

Question 4

The unit ramp response of first order control system with negative feedback, with the open loop transfer function is

Question 5

A 1st order unity feedback control system subjected to unit step function then the time at which error function equal to response function.

Question 6

A 1st order feedback control system subjected to a unit ramp function then find the value of output at if the value of is 10
[Write the Answer Upto Two Decimal Point]

Question 7

The block diagram representation of 1st order control system is shown in figure below:
Which one of the following is the correct representation of unit step response of a 1st order system?
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