Explain why Plastic Containers are Favoured for Storing Food

By Shivank Goel|Updated : September 6th, 2022

Plastic containers are favoured for storing food as it is a non-reactive material. Being non-reactive, plastic doesn't react with the ingredients in the food items, unlike the material made up of aluminium. Also, plastic is readily available in all parts at an economical rate. They are not heavy and have high durability and strength. Also, the quality of plastic is high.

Why Plastic Containers are favoured for Storing Food

Plastic is one of the widely used materials for storing food and other essential substances. Here are reasons for the query why plastic containers are favoured for storing food-

  • Plastic is easily available.
  • It is non-reactive. This property makes it suitable for storing food as it doesn't react with food items. Thus, increasing the shelf life of the food ingredients.
  • Plastic is available at an economically friendly price.
  • It is lightweight. So it can be transferred easily.
  • Plastic has good durability.
  • The quality of food is high.
  • It also has high strength.

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  • Plastic contains does not react with the ingredients in the food item. It is economical, lightweight, and possesses a high quality, along with being durable. Also, the strength of the plastic is high.

  • The physical qualities that make plastic suitable for storing food are- It is non-reactive, it is lightweight, and it has high quality, durability, and strength.

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