Which one of the following has the Largest population in a Food Chain? (a) Primary Consumers (b) Secondary Consumers (c) Decomposers (d) Producers

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

In a Food Chain, the Decomposers have the largest population. Decomposers are organisms feeding on the dead and decaying matter in the environment. The decomposers are an important part of the food chain. They usually break down all the organic matters that release carbon and other nutrients considered beneficial for their growth and the development of plants. Some Examples of Decomposers are- fungi, bacteria, and several other microorganisms.

Largest population in a Food Chain

In ecology, the food chain is the chain of the transfers of energy and matter in food. The food chain gets established from organism to organism. The food chains interlace locally into a food web as most organisms consume different animals or plants. Plants are known to be the primary energy source as they convert solar energy to food through photosynthesis and are therefore known as the producers. Those organisms that feed on producers are known as primary consumers. The secondary consumers feed on primary consumers. Check the different types of food chains below.

What are Decomposers in the Food Chain?

Here are some important features of the Decomposers, who are considered the highest population in the food chain.

  • They feed on dead and decaying matter.
  • Work on breaking down complex compounds into simpler compounds.
  • They perform a very important service of cleaning the earth.
  • Decomposers consist of Fungi, bacteria and insects, and worms.
  • They are also used in oil spill cleanups for industrial applications.

Kinds of Food Chains

There are three main kinds of food chains:

  • Saprophytic Chain: This chain includes the living microorganisms on the dead organic matter.
  • Parasite Chain: This contains the small organisms living on the larger host and sometimes also gets parasitized by small organisms than them.
  • Predator Chain: The herbivorous get eaten by carnivores or omnivores.

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