Expert Tips for IBPS PO Interview 2016

By Astha Shukla|Updated : December 28th, 2016

IBPS PO Exam 2016 Interviews are expected to be conducted in the month of January/February 2017. To aid you all with your preparations, here are a few important pointers your upcoming IBPS PO Interviews.

Interviews test your temperament more than anything else. All you have to do is maintain your composure no matter what question is asked. I’ll be walking you through my experience as well in this article and I hope it will help all of you in upcoming interview. I request you to go through the checklist that we shared sometime back to ensure you don’t miss out anything important.

Checklist for IBPS PO Interview

You may come across following in your interview -

  • You will be asked to submit all your documents for verification. Ensure you have few copies beforehand to avoid any problem at the center.
  • Biometric verification (May or may not happen)
  • You will be made to sit in a room with other candidates and everyone will be called one by one for interview. Please note that you’ll meet people who might have scored more than you in the examination, do not let things like these worry you. You can make a difference in interview and may end up with overall score much higher than others.
  • Since number of candidates will be very high when compared with number of panel, you may have to wait for your turn. Treat it like a test of your patience. Please carry something to eat and keep yourself refreshed at all times. The body language should remain positive at all times. Do not worry too much about how others performed and what questions were asked.
  • When you enter the room, greet the entire panel with confidence to make a good first impression. You’ll feel nervous, no matter how well you may have prepared. I was very nervous, but I didn’t show any sign of nervousness to the panel. You’ll need to be mentally strong to ensure that you do not crumble due to nervousness. I’ll like to elaborate on this with an example. Sachin Tendulkar, who is a legend in cricketing world mentioned in an interview that he felt nervous whenever he walked out to bat.But as we all know,  he went on to play most matches for Indian team and became world’s best batsman by far. He did with with his sheer mental strength and by maintaining his composure. You can also do it by being calm and composed.

I would like to share my personal experience here. During my interview for SBI Associates, I had to report at the head office at 9:00 AM. However, I was interviewed last in that slot and it started at 5:00 PM. I am quoting this incident here to give you an idea of what you may come across on the day of interview. I was extremely nervous in the beginning but after 2-3 questions once I settled in the flow, I answered questions more comfortably and confidently and the panel happily chatted away for 25-30 minutes. What i’m trying to point out here is, do not freak out thinking about what might happen. Interviewers also try to make you feel comfortable. Do not loose your calm and you’ll get through it easily. I was asked questions related to my educational background, meaning of my name, why I wanted to join the banking sector, my hobbies, questions related to my hometown, few questions from banking terminology as well as current affairs back then. Most of the questions asked were dug up from what I previously answered as well as what I had mentioned in the bio-data form provided.

So answer honestly and make sure you know about things that you are mentioning in your answers because you may expect the very next question from it.

In our last article for IBPS PO, many of you had requested for answers of different questions, so keeping that in mind, here are a few things that you should take care of while answering some generic questions -

  • While introducing yourself, start with your name, hometown, your educational background, brief of work experience (if any), hobbies etc. These are some common things that you should include in your answers. You may add a few more things as you feel comfortable but do not make this answer too lengthy.
  • Question related to one’s strengths and weakness is more specific in nature since it varies from individual to individual. Do not present your weaknesses in a negative light for instance, saying you’re aggressive or impatient doesn’t leave a good impression. So be careful while you answer such questions.
  • A common question asked is why do you wish to join the banking sector. Prepare for this beforehand. Jot down the merits of banking industry and how it’s an attractive and opportunistic avenue. Do not speak in monetary terms but how it's a respectable job and will help you grow.
  • If you’re asked a question about your hobby, answer it honestly. Make sure you know about what you’re answering because you can expect a few questions from what you say.
  • If you're asked about your previous employers, do not speak in a negative sense.

Do’s and Don’ts for the Interview

  • Do not mug up answers. Preparing a few points beforehand is fine but do not answer like a robot as if you have mugged up the answers.
  • Do make eye contact with the interviewers. It reflects your confidence.
  • Do not fidget. Sit straight and take due care of your body language.
  • Do carry all the necessary documents, extra photographs etc.
  • Do stay calm throughout the Interview. It’s okay to feel anxious but try not to reflect it on your face.

All the best for your Interviews..

Team Gradeup..!!


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