EPFO Assistant Mains Exam Analysis 2019: Exam Review, Difficulty Level

By Akash Mishra|Updated : November 7th, 2019

EPFO Assistant Mains Analysis 2019: EPFO Assistant Main exam 2019 exam was successfully conducted today. EPFO is one of the most prominent organizations to work with. The difficulty level of the exam was a moderate type. There was no major change or deviation seen in EPFO Assistant Mains exam. In this article, we are going to share the detailed review of EPFO Assistant Mains exam covering all the sections.

EPFO Assistant Mains Exam Analysis 2019: Key Highlights

1. Level of Exam - The level of the exam was easy to moderate

2. Reasoning/Intelligence - Easy

3. Quantitative Aptitude - Easy to moderate

4. English Language - Easy to moderate

5. General/Economy/Financial Awareness - Moderate

6. Toughest Section- General Awareness was comparative tougher

7. Easiest Section - Reasoning Ability

8. No major changes or questions were seen in the exam.

EPFO Assistant Mains Exam Analysis 2019

EPFO Assistant Mains Exam Review 2019: Quantitative Aptitude

Number of questions: 40

Level: Easy to moderate

S.no.Topics askedNumber of questions askedDifficulty Level
1Data Interpretation 20Easy to Moderate
2Quadratic Equation 5Easy
3Approximation 5Easy
4Arithmetic 10Moderate

Details of the topic

1. Data Interpretation

There were 4 sets of data interpretation. 5 questions were asked from each set.

  • Caselete - 5 Questions
  • Bar Graph- 5
  • Table DI- 5
  • Pie chart- 5

2. Quadratic Equation

  • 5 Questions
  • 2 equations were given in each question

3. Arithmetic- 10

Questions were asked from profit and loss, percentage, time and work, time, speed and distance, probability and other arithmetic topics. 

4. Approximation- 5 

Questions were based on calculations and require good speed. 

EPFO Assistant Mains Exam Review 2019: Reasoning/Intelligence

Number of questions: 40

Level: Easy to moderate

S.no.Topics askedNumber of questions askedDifficulty Level
1Puzzles & Seating Arrangement 25Easy to moderate
2Syllogism 5Easy
3Inequality 5Easy 
4Direction Based 1Easy to moderate
5Meaningful word 1Easy
6Miscellaneous 3Easy to moderate

Details of the topic

1. Puzzles & Seating Arrangement

  • 5 Questions- Linear unknown no. of people (Ans- 17 people), single variable, unidirectional
  • 5 Questions - Dual row, 14 people bidirectional ( North-South) 1 variable,
  • 5 Question - Floor based puzzle (4 floors, 2 houses A and B on each floor, B is to the east of A, 8 People)
  • 5 Question- Scheduling puzzle, 4 months 2 dates
  • 5 Question- Circular Seating Arrangement, 8 people, facing inside and outside. 

2. Syllogism- Only a few based 2/3 statements and 2 conclusions. 

3. Inequality- 3 direct and 2 language-based questions

EPFO Assistant Mains Exam Review 2019: English Language

Number of questions: 30

Level: Easy-Moderate

S.no.Topics askedNumber of questions askedDifficulty Level
1Reading Comprehension 8-10Easy
2Cloze test 5Easy
3Parajumble 5Easy
4Error spotting 5Easy
5Match the column 3Easy
6. Word Exchange3Easy to moderate
7. Word Usage2 Easy

Details of the topic

  • Reading Comprehension- 2 synonym antonym, and one fill in the blanks question was asked. 
  • Parajumble- Government scheme based on population (5th sentence was fixed)
  • Match the column- 3-3 columns were there
  • Error spotting- sentence divided into 4 parts. 
  • Word Usage- a word was given and was used in 3 other sentences and asked to identify the sentence in which it was used correctly. 

EPFO Assistant Mains Exam Review 2019: General/ Economy/ Banking Awareness

Number of questions: 40

Level: Moderate to difficult

  • Most of the questions asked in this section were based on Current Banking Affairs
  • There were around 5 - 6 questions from Static GK
  • Many questions were from GK Tornado and monthly digest

EPFO Assistant Mains Descriptive Test Exam Analysis 2019

Number of Questions - 3

Level - Moderate

This section involved 2 questions, Letter, and Essay Writing. Following topics of Essay and Letter writing were asked under Descriptive Test of EPFO Assistant Main exam 2019–

1. Comprehension Topics- Wastage of food and awareness towards youngsters (In a question- 4 words were given and asked to write the meaning of any 2 on your own) 

2. Letter writing (to be written on any one of the following topics)

  1. Letter to the editor for PM relief fund
  2. Letter to the secretary of the housing society regarding the training on water conservation and management. 
  3. Informal letter to a friend. 

3. Precis Writing- Survey based on online content viewership. 

EPFO Assistant Mains Exam Review 2019: Good Attempts


Good Attempts

Quantitative Aptitude 




English Language


General/Economy/Financial Awareness - 


Overall Good Attempts


This was the complete exam analysis of EPFO Assistant Main 2019 exam. Also, we will share the Questions asked in EPFO Assistant Main 2019. Stay Connected.



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