Editorial Analysis - 23rd June 2020

By Paras Chitkara|Updated : June 23rd, 2020

Editorial Analysis - 23rd June

Vigilance Paramount : The fight against COVID-19


India crossed 4 Lakh reported COVID-19 cases with more than 14 thousand deaths.

Key Takeaways

    • Wider spread in the communities, particularly in  Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Ahmedabad.
    • Test positivity rate increased from 4.6% in mid ­May to 7.9% in June.
    • Mortality Rate is steadily increasing with more than 14 thousand deaths. (3.4% at present)
    • Concerns: 
      • The healthcare system is already strained
      • Loosening of restrictions in Unlock phase
      • High risk due to densely packed communities 

Lessons from the States:

  • Kerala - with a strong healthcare system was fully geared even before the first case was reported.
  • Karnataka and Andhra Pradeshutilised the early phase of the lockdown to track, test and isolate those infected and traced contacts.
  • Maharashtra -  with enhanced testing was able to achieve containment in Dharavi. 
  • U.P , Bihar and West Bengal - with large numbers of returning migrants have reported few cases , raising a concern about their testing and counting.
  • Tamil Nadu - has increased tests through fever clinics and focus is on people with influenza like illness in high spread areas.

Way Ahead

  • Need for large scale door-to-door surveillance and testing
  • Involving the community in tracing contacts of COVID-19 patients as seen in Kerala and Karnataka.
  • States must learn from each other and follow the strategies that proved effective in containing the spread.
  • Providing Oximeters (to monitor oxygen levels)  to patients under home isolation as done in Delhi.
  • In these times of crisis, both centre and states must work in unison to tackle the challenges raised by COVID-19.





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