Edible part of apple and pear is

By Mandeep Kumar|Updated : August 3rd, 2022

Thalamus is the edible part of apple and pear. The eatable part of the fruit, vegetable, plant, etc. that is safe for humans is called the edible part. There are around 400,000 plant species on the earth that are edible.

Answer: The edible part of apple and pear is called the thalamus.

The binomial name of apple is Malus domestica. It is an edible fruit produced by an apple tree. Apple is grown worldwide for cooking, eating raw, and cider production. India produces approximately 2.7 million of tonnes apples in a year. A raw apple contains 86% water and 14% carbohydrates, with negligible content of fat and protein.

On the other hand, pear is a sweet and mild fruit with a fibrous center. It grows on trees and is harvested in the Northern Hemisphere in late summer into October. The woods of pear tree is preferred for the manufacturing of high-quality woodwind instruments and furniture.

There are various types of plants in nature that are edible such as flowers, mushrooms, seeds, berries, seaweed, and cacti. Animal species like amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals, domesticated livestock as well as wild insects are also edible.


The edible part of apple and pear is

The edible part of the pear and apple is called the thalamus.

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