During the Period of 16 Mahajanpadas, Mathura Was Capital of?

By Raj Vimal|Updated : July 11th, 2022

There were 16 Mahajanapada from 400 BC to 600 BC in the early centuries. It showed the economic development of these Janapadas. Surasena or Shurasena was one 16, and their capital was Mathura in Uttar Pradesh. These regions are located in Eastern Uttar Pradesh and Western Bihar. Due to the fertile land, it got strong economically and emerged during Vedic Yuga.

Initially, there were 22 Janapadas, but due to raising in Iron tools, kingdoms took over others, and lastly remain, 16 of them.

Mahajanpadas and Their Capital

  • Assaka - Potali
  • Avanti - Ujjain or Mahismati
  • Anga - Champa
  • Chedi/Cheti - Shuktimati
  • Kashi - Banaras
  • Kosala - Shravasti
  • Magadha - Rajgriha
  • Vajji - Vaishali
  • Malla - Kushinagar
  • Vatsa - Kausambi
  • Kuru - Indraprastha or Hastinapur
  • Panchala - Ahichhatra
  • Matsya - Viratnagar
  • Surasena/Shurasena - Mathura
  • Gandhara - Taxila
  • Kamboja - Rajpur

About Surasena and Mathura

This place is famous for Hindu Lord Krishna. During the ancient time, he took birth in Mathura and lived in Vrindavan. That’s why Hindu people consider this place an important city. Surasena covers the part of Brij in Uttar Pradesh and some part of Harayana, Madhya Pradesh.

Apart from Hindu followers, Mathura is a divine place for Buddhism also. As the king of Mathura Country, The Avantiputra helped the Buddhism religion to be stable and grow in his country during his time.


During the Period of 16 Mahajanpadas, Mathura Was the Capital of?

Mathura is a divine place for Hindu and Buddism people. It was the capital of Surasena Mahajanpada during the ancient time of the 4th to 6th Century. The Andhakas and Vrishnis formed a sangha with the help of other Yadavas allies, and Lord Krishna was described as Sangha Mukhiya.

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During the Period of 16 Mahajanpadas Mathura Was Capital of FAQs

  • Mathura was capital of Surasena Mahajanapada. This place is famous for worshiping lord Krishna and the locations related to him. Also, king Avantipura helped Buddhism to be grounded in Mathura City.

  • Earlier there were 22 Janapadas but later on the smaller regions got captured by bigger Janpadas with the help of Swords and other Iron Tools. Lastly, there were 16 and Surasena was one of them.


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