Describe the Different Methods of Population Control in Human Beings in Detail.

The different methods of population control in human beings are Contraception, Child Tax, One-Child Policy, Sterilization, Medical Abortion, Family Planning, etc. When the population is booming in a country, and it has few resources to accommodate the needs of any more people, it may resort to introducing population control practices.

Different Methods of Population Control

There are many various methods of population control in human beings such as :

  1. Contraception: Contraception or birth control is used to prevent pregnancies during intercourse.
  2. Child Tax: Levying child tax can help in controlling the overflowing population.
  3. One-Child Policy: As per China's one-child policy, people are only allowed to have only a single child.
  4. Sterilization: It is a medical procedure that intentionally leaves a person (male or female) unable to reproduce.
  5. Medical Abortion: Medical abortions can help eliminate unwanted pregnancies.
  6. Family Planning: Family planning involves making better decisions about reproducing.

Population Control

Overpopulation can be the cause of threats like over exploitation of resources, environmental damage, etc. With the help of population control methods, it becomes possible to avoid such dangers. Various methods of population control such as one child policy and child tax can be considered as a legal obligation among the people.

On the other hand, the encouragement of sterilization and contraception are not perceived as such a harsh measure. In the long run, however, family planning and educating people about the need for population control can help the most.

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FAQs on Different Methods of Population Control in Human Beings

  • Some of the tried and tested methods of population control include the one-child policy in China, child tax, and sterilization. Other methods of population control in human beings include family planning, contraceptives, and medical abortion.

  • We need population control because, in case of overpopulation, the resources of a country might be overexploited. Overpopulation is the cause of many environmental problems as well. With effective and accessible population control methods, human beings will prosper.

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