Day-15: 300+ Most Repeated Questions For UGC NET Exam Paper-1

By Mohit Choudhary|Updated : September 10th, 2022

Most Repeated Questions For UGC NET Exam: UGC NET Exam is very near now. This time it is a great opportunity to clear the exam. You may never get an opportunity like this shortly. So work hard like this is your last attempt. Leave every other and just focus on UGC NET Exam.

We are launching this series in which we will provide daily 10 most repetitive questions of UGC NET Exam Paper 1; like this, we will provide more than 300 most repetitive questions of UGC NET Paper-1.  

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Most Repetitive Questions of UGC NET Paper 1:

Q 1. Which of the following is an example of a circular argument?

(A) God created man in His image, and man created God in his image.

(B) God is the source of scripture, and the scripture is the source of our knowledge of God.

(C) Some of the Indians are great because India is great.

(D) Rama is great because he is Rama.

Answer: (B)


Q 2. Lakshmana is a morally good person because

(A) he is religious

(B) he is educated

(C) he is rich

(D) he is rational

Answer: (D)


Q 3. Two statements I and II below are followed by two conclusions (a) and (b). Supposing the statements are true, which of the following conclusions can logically follow?

I. Some religious people are morally good.

II. Some religious people are rational.


(a) Rationally religious people are good morally.

(b) non-rational religious persons are not morally good.

(A) Only (a) follows.

(B) Only (b) follows.

(C) Both (a) and (b) follow.

(D) Neither (a) nor (b) follows.

Answer: (C)


Q 4. Certainty is

(A) an objective fact

(B) emotionally satisfying

(C) logical

(D) ontological

Answer: (B)


Questions 5 to 6 are based on the following diagram in which there are three intersecting circles I, S  and  P,  where circle  I  stands for Indians, circle S stands for scientists and circle P for politicians. Different regions of the figure are lettered from a to g.



Q 5. The region represents non-Indian scientists who are politicians.

(A) f 

(B) d

(C) a 

(D) c

Answer: (A)


Q 6. The region represents politicians who are Indians as well as scientists.

(A) b 

(B) c

(C) a 

(D) d

Answer: (C)


Q 7. The population of a city is plotted as a function of time (years) in graphic form below:



Which of the following inference can be drawn from the above plot?

(A) The population increases exponentially.

(B) The population increases in an illustrative fashion.

(C) The population initially increases linearly and then stabilises.

(D) The population initially increases exponentially and then stabilises.

Answer: (D)


In the following chart, the price of logs is shown per cubic metre and that of Plywood and Saw Timber per ton.  Study the chart and answer the following questions 38, 39 and 40.



Q 8. Which product shows the maximum percentage increase in price over the period?

(A) Saw timber

(B) Plywood

(C) Log

(D) None of the above

Answer: (A)


Q 9. What is the maximum percentage increase in price per cubic meter of log?

(A) 6

(B) 12

(C) 18

(D) 20

Answer: (D)


Q 10. In which year did the prices of two products increase and that of the third increase?

(A) 2000

(B) 2002

(C) 2003

(D) 2006

Answer: (B)

Some Basic Tips For Last Minute Preparation:

  • Allocate proper time to each unit as per the importance and pattern in the previous examinations.
  • Cover the strong areas first.
  • Do not spend too much time on a single question; you can return to such questions once you have finished the test.
  • Keep attempting online mock tests and previous year papers to improve your speed and accuracy.
  • Avoid Over Stressing, Stay Calm and give your best shot.                                                                                                           

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