Daily Hindu Editorial Vocabulary Wordlist:18th August, 2023

By Shruti Kapoor|Updated : August 18th, 2023

Daily updated The Hindu Editorial vocabulary words with their meanings dated 18th August, 2023, 2023, 2023 are important for Bank, SSC, Railway & IAS exams. At BYJU’S Exam Prep, our Series is named "Daily Hindu Editorial Vocabulary Words List: 18th August, 2023, " to shape up your vocabulary from the newspaper wordlist.

With the help of a daily wordlist from the Hindu newspaper of 18th August, 2023our aim is to help you completely understand the commonly used words with their meanings, pronunciations, synonyms, antonyms, proper use in sentences, etc. Today's the Hindu newspaper contains important vocabulary words. which can be downloaded from the monthly PDF of The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary to strengthen your preparation.

Important Vocabulary from The Hindu Editorial: 18th August, 2023

1. WordImperative (आज्ञार्थक,जरूरी)

  • Pronunciation: im-per-uh-tiv/इम्पेरटिव
  • Part of Speech: Adjective, Noun
  • Meaning: 
    a. of vital importance; crucial. [Adjective]
    b. giving an authoritative command; peremptory. [Adjective]
    c. an essential or urgent thing. [Noun]
  • Synonyms: necessary, obligatory, requisite
  • Antonyms: nonessential, insignificant, needless
  • Usage in a Sentence: In an organization, a prompt reply is imperative.

2. Word: Hobble (अटकाना)

  • Pronunciation: hob-uhl/ हाबल
  • Part of Speech: Verb
  • Meaning: walk in an awkward way, typically because of pain from an injury.
  • Synonyms: hinder, stagger, hamper
  • Antonyms: run, move, stride
  • Usage in a Sentence: After the stiff and painful injury, I could only hobble.

 3Word: Paucity (अभाव )

  • Pronunciation: paw-si-tee/पॉसिटी
  • Part of Speech: Noun
  • Meaning: the presence of something in only small or insufficient quantities or amounts.
  • Synonyms: insufficiency, dearth, scarcity
  • Antonyms: plethora, abundance, plenty
  • Usage in a Sentence: There is a paucity of data on the ingredients of many products.

4. Word: Protocol (नयाचार)

  • Pronunciation: proh-tuh-kawl/ प्रोटोकोल
  • Part of Speech: Noun
  • Meaning:
    a. the customs and regulations dealing with diplomatic formality, precedence, and etiquette.
    b. an original draft, minute, or record from which a document, especially a treaty, is prepared.
    c. a supplementary international agreement.
    d. an agreement between states.
    e. an annex to a treaty giving data relating to it.
  • Synonyms: etiquette, convention, treaty, decorum
  • Antonyms: crudeness, disagreement, lawlessness
  • Usage in a sentence: It was imperative to follow the protocols to ensure safe passage.

5. Word: Epidemiology (जानपदिक रोग विज्ञान)

  • Pronunciation: ep-i-dee-mee-ol-uh-jee/एपडेमीआलजी
  • Part of Speech: Noun
  • Meaning: the scientific study of diseases and how they are found, spread, and controlled in groups of people
  • Synonyms: study of the distribution of disease, study of the cause of disease, study of the control of disease
  • Usage in a sentence: An epidemiological study was conducted to find out the root cause between the sudden spread of the pathogen.

6. Word: Dodgy (कुटिल)

  • Pronunciation: doj-ee/डाजी
  • Part of Speech: Adjective
  • Meaning: dishonest or unreliable
  • Synonyms: tricky, cunning, sly
  • Antonyms: candid, honest, trustworthy
  • Usage in a Sentence: You never know how dodgy the witness is going to be.

7. Word: Infringement (अतिलंघन)

  • Pronunciation: in-frinj-muhnt/इन्फ्रिन्ज्मन्ट
  • Part of Speech: Noun
  • Meaning:
    a. an action that breaks a rule, law, etc.b. a breach or infraction, as of a law, right, or obligation; violation; transgression
  • Synonyms: violation, breach. infraction, transgression
  • Antonyms: compliance, obedience
  • Usage in a sentence: Even minor infringements of the law will be severely punished. 

8. Word: Augment (बढ़ाना)

  • Part of Speech: Verb
  • Pronunciation: awg-ment/ऑग्मेन्ट
  • Meaning: make (something) greater by adding to it; increase.
  • Synonyms: expand, enlarge, increase
  • Antonyms: abridge, diminish, decrease
  • Usage in a Sentence: He would have to find work to augment his income.

9. Word: Substantial (संतोषजनक)

  • Pronunciation: subs-tan-cial/ सब्स्टैन्शल
  • Meaning: referring to something that is greater or larger than normal
  • Synonyms: considerable, real, material, weighty,
  • Antonyms: insubstantial, worthless
  • Usage in a sentence: Known for his substantial efforts in winning, the competitive boy rarely could find someone to play against because the opponent knew he would lose.

10. Word: Probe (जांच करना)

  • Pronunciation: prohb/ प्रोब
  • Part of Speech: Noun, Verb 
  • Meaning: 
    a. a thorough investigation into a crime or other matter. [Noun]
    b. explore or examine (something), especially with the hands or an instrument. [Verb]
  • Synonyms: scrutinize, inquiry
  • Antonyms: glimpse, absurd
  • Usage in a Sentence: I don't want to probe too deeply into your personal affairs.

The Hindu Newspaper Vocabulary Based Exercises: 18th August, 2023

Based on the description of the words, we have some practice questions for you. Answer these questions in the comments section. Our team will review them at the earliest!

Exercise 1:

Here are some of the words from the above article. Try to frame sentences from them in your own words and share them with us in the comments section!

  • imperative
  • hobble
  • paucity
  • protocol 
  • epidemiology

Exercise 2: Match the columns.

SR No.WordSynonym

Share your answers in the comment section. 

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