CSIR-NET: Top 10 Solutions of Few Obstacles That May Arise During the Preparation. Check here!

By Renuka Miglani|Updated : January 4th, 2023

CSIR-NET Top 10 Solutions of Few Obstacles That May Arise During the Preparation: As there is less time left for the CSIR NET 2023 Exam, it is high time for candidates to focus on obstacles and must try to solve them. If you don't solve them now, they may become the reason for delaying your success in the CSIR NET exam. This exam involves a vast syllabus with subjects like Life Science and Chemical Science. It is high time to concentrate on your goals and start thinking about how to achieve them with a smart strategy.

To ease out the preparation and help you to score more, we have provided the top 10 solutions to a few obstacles that may arise and delay your success in the CSIR NET 2023 exam.

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The very first step of achieving success in life is to know your enemies, obstacles, and temporary pitfalls that may come in between the preparation and can cause a lot of mental agony and pain. In this article, we will discuss them one by one.

CSIR NET OBSTACLE 1 - Thinking Over Short Term Gains

During CSIR NET preparation, candidates think about short-term gains only and forget to concentrate on long-term gains. Fоr exаmрle, if yоu simрly dо rаttаfiсаtiоn оr mugging uр оf the соnсeрts, then yоu mаy be аble tо remember them fоr the next few dаys оnly, but if you study with a great concentration and focused mind, then you can recall concepts quickly even after 6-7 months of studying. The best solution to remember your concepts is to use Study aids like Flowcharts, Mind Maps, Flashcards, formula sheets etc.

CSIR NET OBSTACLE 2 - Syllabus Should Be At Your Finger Tips

CSIR NET exam is a competition among 2.5 lakh aspirants. There are few people who just missed their rank because one question was marked wrong or they have not studied that concept. That’s how dangerous it may result. So it is important to do proper analysis on the Syllabus, Important topics, Study material, Study tools, test series, and all such things before you jump into the exam preparation.

CSIR NET OBSTACLE 3 - Health is Wealth

Now, just imagine if you fall sick before 3-4 days of the CSIR NET 2022 exam, that will be a bad impact on the overall preparation that you already did. So bad health is one of the biggest obstacles that may arise during your preparation. So just spare 60 minutes of your daily time for physical activity. 

CSIR NET OBSTACLE 4 - Ignore What People Say & Focus On Your Study

This can be a major distraction during your exam preparation. You must never get distracted by your family member, sibling or a relative who is trying to distract you by cracking jokes. You should study in a peaceful environment and try not to listen any such distractions that may lead to a big distraction and can spoil your precious study time.

CSIR NET OBSTACLE 5 - Start Interacting with Your Fellows/Seniors

Mаny students соmрletely isоlаte themselves while рreраrаtiоn аnd thinking tо nоt tо interасt with аnyоne till the exаm gets оver. Interасtiоn is а gооd thing thаt bаsiсаlly enhаnсes yоur knоwledge аnd skills. Yоur brаin is like а bаttery оf а UРS Inverter. When it is соnneсted with like-minded рeорle in а series, its сарасity grоws, just like when yоu соnneсt mоre thаn 1 bаttery tо аn Inverter, the Роwer Bасkuр сарасity оf the inverter inсreаses. Sо yоu must hаve 2-3 friends оr seniоrs thаt аlreаdy сleаred this exаm, stаrt аsking yоur dоubts аnd tаke tiрs frоm them tо enhаnсe yоur sсоre.

CSIR NET OBSTACLE 6 - Lack of Focus

Mental clarity is the most important tool of achieving success in life. if you don't have clarity over your goals you just can't proceed with a proper plan. Many students simply jump into the exam preparation without thinking of the outcome or result. If you are not able to think clearly, then you can never take the right steps towards your exam preparation and hence would not achieve your goals. So Analyse your capacity, Visualise the rewards in this exam and then jump in to start whatever you want to start.

CSIR NET OBSTACLE 7 - Time Management

This is the most common obstacle with the aspirants who are still studying or are doing a Job. That is where you find it difficult to manage your time efficiently. So here is the Mantra for you – Divide and Break. You need to divide your whole day into small bitesize time slots and then plan accordingly with your syllabus. It's your responsibility to at least give 3-4 hours of minimum time regularly to your study whether you are in a job or not. If you succeed in managing your time efficiently then you will definitely succeed in finishing your syllabus on or before time.

CSIR NET OBSTACLE 8 - Plan Properly

Now, this is an extension of my previous point that I've discussed above, you cannot manage time well unless you plan well. But remember, you don’t need a perfect plan, you just need a plan and try to stick over it regularly. This will help you to make your preparation go smoothly and easy.

CSIR NET OBSTACLE 9 - Do Not Overthink About Perfectionism

Most of the candidates fall into the trap of Perfectionism i.e., overthinking about something that is not perfect and working on the same thing, again and again, to make it perfect. This will only waste your precious time and effort. Often students fall into the perfectionism trap and find it difficult to proceed to the next topic because they feel they did not study the previous topic well and they start repeating it. It’s very important to follow your already created study plan and not fall into the trap of perfectionism.

CSIR NET OBSTACLE 10 - Upgrading Your Learning Through Online Resources

Candidates preparing for the CSIR NET exam can refer to the Byju's Exam Prep website to enhance their learning with the best study tools such as, Daily Quiz, Study Notes, Live Sessions, Mind Map, Formula Sheets, Doubt Sessions etc. You can check below the best features of the Byju's Exam Prep CSIR NET community to enhance your preparation, also it gives a guarantee to secure your rank in the upcoming CSIR NET 2022 exam.


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  • No, it is not important. But it's important to cover important topics that have been asked during the last 5 years. You should also practice previous year papers regularly to get an idea of repetitive & important questions.

  • At least 2-3 hours of continuous study regularly is enough to crack this exam. You may create a study plan in which you can segregate the subject at different time intervals to cover Part A & Part B, C in this period.

  • You can practice online mock test series on the BYJU'S Exam Prep CSIR NET community. Click on this link in your browser to start practising online mock tests.

    Link - https://bit.ly/3zyFZGC

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