CSIR-NET Chemical Science - INORGANIC CHEMISTRY MCQ - Attempt Here!

By Astha Singh|Updated : September 20th, 2022

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Multiple Choice Questions On Inorganic Chemistry

Question 1.  Predict the structure of [NO2]+ ion using VSEPR theory.

  1. Bent
  2. Linear
  3. Pyramidal
  4. Planar

Question 2.  Identify the mixture of solvents in which intermolecular hydrogen bonding will take place.

  1. EtOH and H2O
  2. Et2O and THF
  3. EtNH2 and Et2O
  4. None of the above

Question 3. The structure of the dimer of BeCl2 is:

  1. Trigonal planar
  2. Linear
  3. Tetrahedral
  4. Bent

Question 4. Thermal decomposition of magnesium carbonate takes place at:

  1. 1173 K
  2. 813 K
  3. 1633 K
  4. 1563 K
Question 5.  How many cage isomers are possible for C2B4H6?
  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4

Question 6.  Adsorption chromatography is used to separate those mixtures whose components:

  1. Differ in polarity
  2. Differ in structure
  3. None of the above
  4. Both A & B

Question 7. During the extraction of cerium (IV) with 2- thenoyl trifluoro acetone in benzene, the distribution ratio was found to be 999. If the volume of the organic phase was 20 mL and that of the aqueous phase was 50 mL, then calculate the percentage extraction.

  1. 84%
  2. 56%
  3. 89%
  4. 99.7%

Question 8.  In the cluster [Co3(CH)(CO)9] that obeys the 18 e rule, determine the number of metal-metal bonds and the bridging ligands, respectively.

  1. 6 and 1 CH
  2. 0 and 3 CO
  3. 3 and 1 CO
  4. 3 and 1 CH

Question 9.  Select the false statement for a polarographic measurement procedure.

  1. residual current is made zero by adding supporting electrolytes.
  2. is proportional to the concentration of electroactive species.
  3. dropping mercury electrode is a working electrode.
  4. O2 is removed
 Question 10. The quaternary structure of human hemoglobin comprises of:
  1. Tetramer of identical subunits
  2. Dimer of two myoglobin dimers
  3. Dimer of two myoglobin dimers
  4. Tetramer of two different subunits
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